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    Apr 30, 2009
    So I have a 1969 lincoln Continental Mark III. I got this car in a trade. The windows were not working when I got it. I figured that I would need to check connections, replace relays and maybe a motor. I did that and changed the driver side window motor.
    There is no power getting to the switches. The Master switch is dead to. I found 4 relays in the car. Of the 4, two were broken or inop, one was intermittent and the last one operates correct. I didn't know what they all went to but when I fixed the two broken relays, my blower motor started working on all settings.
    Okay so here are the locations/ discriptions:

    -The relay for the blower motor is on the passenger side mounted in the engine bay on the wheel well near the fire wall. When this is bad, climate control only works in the low settings.

    -There were two relays next to each other mounted on the driver side wheel well near the front of the car. I don't know what they do but, when the relay with green and black wires gets power, it sends ground to the relay next to it. That relay then sends power through it's red and yellow wires.

    -Finally there was a relay mounted in the trunk. I'm pretty sure it goes to the windows but if it were to be engaged, it would cause a short. It sends power to a wire that is grounded. This makes me think that there is something in the circuit that switches between power and ground.

    Another relay perhaps. But I can't find it.

    This is why I need help. I bought technical manuals online but the schematics either are incomplete or I'm looking right past the item I need.
    Please HELP!

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