1949 Lincoln Cosmopolitan

Kevin O'Connell

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Dec 29, 2006
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Grandma's baby- matching numbers car, rebuilt 337 cu in flathead V8, 180 whoppin' HP, three speed with overdrive, factory fog lights, optional factory heater, new paint, seven entire hand cut and dyed cowhides for the interior, adjustable suspension for height and ride, hydraulic top, windows and seats, all stainlees trim and wheel covers, 16" wheels, full resto, all factory colors. 63,000 original miles.

A doctor and his wife ordered identical cars in '49- didn't like them. No power steering or brakes and brought them back to the dealer. My grandpa was the dealer accountant and bought them for cost. His is long gone.

These cars were only produced three years in low volume. Accordiing to the research company my dad hired, there are 12 of these left.

President Truman's limo was a modified Lincoln like this and his daughter, Margaret was an opera singer and rode in my car in the parade in her honor on the way to her performaance in Pittsburg.

If you think about it and look at the features on the car, its a MK VIII fity years early- two door, V8, luxury performance car. And it still rolls down the road smooth and quiet at 70+!!
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