06 LS Almost Overheated


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May 1, 2022
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Any ideas or helpful comments on this would be appreciated. I drove home from work yesterday an my car sat for about 30 mins then i cranked it an drove 100 feet to my neighbors to pay him some money for a 06 Charger he sold me and noticed my fan was running when i shut the car off at his house which is weird cause it doesnt ever come on and my gauge was still reading normal at that point. Then when I left there and was going to town i noticed that my car was running different it seemed kinda off, almost like power had decreased a little bit if that makes sense. I went probably 10 or 12 miles and looked down and the needle on my heat gauge was right below Hot , so i pulled over shut it off and it was starting to kinda bubble. I very carefully opened the cap just enough to slowly let pressure off the system( I used a old shirt and was very careful opening it because ive dealt with cars overheating before and i know how dangerous it can be). When i released the pressure it stopped bubbling like in 2 minutes and the coolant level in the resivoir was right on the mark. I tightened the cap back up cranked the car and the gauge was back at normal. So i drove back home and it ran fine no overheating no hot reading on the guage, nothing. Now when i got home I very carefully opened the cap just a little to see if anything was still going on and when i did it pushed antifreeze almost to the top of the degas bottle. Im not sure if that much back pressure is normal. Ive read other threads about overheating and I understand that changing all the coolant parts is the best thing to do, but does this sound like a sticking thermostat? Or maybe one that is sticking open? A cracked degas bottle? A bad DCCV? Head gasket? Theres no coolant loss because i regularly keep a check on all my fluids an im always looking for leaks or listening for diff sounds coming from the car. Id like to think thats its something stopping the flow of antifreeze. But i could be completely wrong and the thermostat could be stuck wide open and it didnt have time to cool the antifreeze down. I replaced the water pump less than a year ago but that doesnt rule out it going bad. Have any of you guys experienced this exact same thing? Im just trying to understand why its overheating one minute and I release the pressure and its stops right away, an the guage then reads normal. That makes absolutely no sense. If anyone has any idea exactly whats causing this Id like to know. If what I experienced is nothing specific other than change all the coolant parts then I apologize for repeating a thread thats similar to others. Thanks for any input you guys might have.
I guess you resist this just like everybody else has. It's the plastics. Micro-cracks in the plastics cause this. The thermostat fails because the plastic part holding it together gives out. I'm tired of preaching on this, so this is all I'm saying about it.
When you had enough, here's one solution

All custom pipe and degas tank for one set around 1700-1800 with 6061 machined parts. So only sys plastic is the thermostat housing and dccv. I could have those made in
When you had enough, here's one solution

View attachment 828577619

AL also if needed. If you want to replace the radiator also because the the plastic tanks splitting open, Ron Davis Racing Radiator has an my example radiator sent for a two row custom unit with a extra cooling tube on the driver tank added for 1100 ( beautiful job ). I had that unit anodized black at Ballard Aluminum for cooling enhancement for150. The valve is for those hate scalding hot fluid when bleesing the air, i found this plastic valve. Also the tube line for the throttle body to the bottom of the engine v, will be made of al AL for that mysterious leak getting made in H-town. Should have a photo soon when i pick two up.


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Problem Solved= Turns out it had a bad thermostat. No cracks, no broken thermostat flanges, just a thermostat that appears to have finally wore out from opening and closing. I found it by boiling it in the housing in a pot on the stove as per my 2006 Lincoln Workshop manuals I bought a long time ago. But get this I boiled it 8 times it opened 3 out of 8 times. Thats why it appeared the thermostat wasnt the problem. So if anybody else has a mysterious overheating problem thats not obvious then id suggest testing the thermostat several times to be sure.(there's also a electrical test but it just tests voltage connectivity not the actual open and closing so its not really much use,to me anyway) Also if you buy one from Rocksuto they sell a 54mm an 37 mm thermostat for the 06 and the 37 mm doesnt have the hole in it that lines up with the one on the filler neck on the thermostat housing. Thanks to all who responded.
There's also air getting into the cooling system, casing coolant to boil. I actually just logged on to look up the coolant bleed procedure because I'm about to replace the cooling system FOR THE THIRD TIME IN THE LAST YEAR :mad:

I didn't replace the ENTIRE system all at once like everyone said to...so here we are again. The slightest bit of air in the system boils the coolant & warps ALL the plastic components. Sad but true. You can replace the thermostat housing & be fine for a few month & then the problem will resurface.
Thanks for the response @Dopey. Sorry to hear about all you're trouble. I hope you get it straightened out. Mine turned out to be a bad thermostat. It seemed kinda strange because It didnt start bubbling until I released pressure and let air in by slowly turning the degas cap. When I did that it bubbled maybe 2 mins then stopped. Heat guage went back to normal. I drove it home and it ran fine. I tested the thermostat like the workshop manual said to do and the thermostat didnt open every time like it should when it reaches temperature.It opened 3 outta 8 times when its supposed to open everytime. I installed a new thermostat in the old housing and I drive it every day an ive not had anymore mysterious overheating. Its overheated twice in the year and six months ive owned the car. First time it was the water pump second was a bad thermostat.

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