04 jaquar s-type 3.0


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Oct 14, 2005
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Ok, I came to u guys becuase your the best, lol. Grandma has a 04 Jaquar S-type 3.0. There is excessive I mean outrages amount of grease not break dust but grease black grease all over her 2 front wheels, its so bad it is all over the side of her car too, wtf is this? Were is it coming from me and my dad are confused over it cuase u look on the other side of the wheel and all around the under carage and its clean spot less, Idk what it is?
not sure on the jags, but I had something like that happen on my land rover discovery. It turned out that the plastic cap that protects the wheel bearings had a crack in it and when the grease heated up it would run out through the crack. It didnt make any noise and was real easy to replace. Only cost a few dollars for a new cap. Like I said that was on a Land Rover so I am not sure if it would the same for you.
Thats y I love automotive threads exspecially when its based on ppl that for the most part own the same cars or have good knowledge and experience of cars. Now If my grandma brought her jag to the dealer they'de prob tell her she needs a brake job or something instead of fixing the cheap part and being honest, lol.
Unless it has a lot of miles, the repair should cost absolutely nothing at a Jaguar dealer, as a 2004 should still be under the new car warranty. I recall the warranty even covers wear items like brakes...in fact, I even got a new set of floor mats under the new car warranty on my 1998, when I complained one of the carpet mats was worn.

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