04 Chrysler Sebring 2.7 V6 drop top with a sqeaky front end


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May 21, 2012
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Lake Geneva
My neighbors car with 65000 miles and it's a Texas car that's been here in Wi for about a year now. It just started squeaking from both sides when you turn the wheels and it sounds like rubber making the sound.I sprayed the tie rod ends with silicone spray and it stops for a while but the spray is from Napa and it just evaporates instead of keeping the boots lubricated.Should I try a different spray like from Liquid wrench or do you think that both tie rods are going at the same time?. It was also a little colder today and the tie rod boots are good plus there's no play when pushing and pulling the tires at 9 and 3.

Also the coolant outlet housing is leaking and a common issue also.Should I tell them to ditch that Chrysler POS before it nickles and dimes them as their retired and have a fixed income.The car is rust free and the engine is clean and almost looks new but it's still a Chrysler.

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