03 LS crank and connecting rod bearings

Lincoln LS

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    Dec 14, 2017
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    So, new to owning a Lincoln. This is my first post. I've owned a few Mustangs over the years, so familiar with Ford, in general. I like projects and love rebuilding motors.

    Quick background on the car.

    I have this 2003 LS 3.9 that we picked up for $500 with a blown right hand head gasket. It has sat for 2 years, and in the grass and dirt of a backyard. When the gasket blew, it overheated and spewed coolant all over everything before being left to sit with said coolant still all over everything. This basically corroded a lot of stuff. I pulled the motor, it's completely disassembled and going to the machine shop on Monday to have the block checked, heads resurfaced/restored, piston/rods/ crank all checked out. I'm basically going to completely restore this car. For some reason I can't explain, I've always liked the LS. Odd since I'm pretty much a Dodge guy.

    Looking online, I've not been able to find anywhere that you can purchase connecting rod or crankshaft bearings for a 3.9. I understand it's a 'Jag engine' (the Ford symbol is cast all over everything on the block/heads/etc, lol) and pretty much a 'one of' type of motor.

    So, does anyone have a source for those bearings? I'm uncertain if the S-Type 4.0 bearings would work. I figured if nothing else I'd see what the machine shop can do to locate some or custom make. Any help or advice is appreciated.

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