02 LS V8 Base - engine splash guard torn off

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    Dec 11, 2019

    New user here, owned her about a year, finally registered for an account because of an incident last week.

    I was cruising down a lonely stretch of divided highway up here in Idaho, about 2am, chatting with the girlfriend, when I spy a black plastic garbage bag, sitting on the blacktop, about 50 feet in front of my hood. Passing a truck in the right lane, no shoulder on the left, not much time to react so I do the responsible thing and take the hit. (Seriously, too many overcorrection rollovers here in Idaho, especially with all the lifted pickups) I put on the hazards, flash my brake lights to warn traffic behind. Called non-emergency dispatch to have a state bull come out and clear the roadway.

    Anyway, I pull over at the next exit and inspect the damage. Now, forgive me since I haven't had much time to stare at the body parts diagrams, so I don't know my part names. But it tore off the left side of the air dam (black plastic on bottom of bumper) and now the whole drivers side of the engine splash guard is missing. I can see clear through the engine bay to the ground near the drivers front of the engine bay. Pretty sure that was there before.

    So, what I need help with is trying to find a parts diagram (I'm getting old, almost called it a fiche!) of the bumper/engine splash guard/fender liners, so I can compare it to what is still on the car. Also, a good source for these parts would be awesome, I'm not having too much luck searching Google. I've already checked the local junkers and they've all had pretty significant front end damage, or been unceremoniously cut up to liberate their engines.

    Appreciate the help!
  2. rgorke

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    Aug 5, 2017
    Camarillo, CA
    You probably need one of these: 6W43-17B635-AA

    Your best bet is going to a pick a part and pulling a used one.


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