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    F46EA66F-57BA-4ECF-9BB7-132749F2E8FE.jpeg 4B75D695-4C91-42EE-8CCE-CFB970D8AAD9.jpeg Many new parts runs great! Still love the car but travel way too much to keep it. About 105,000 miles $3,500. Here is a list of some of the work that has been done to the car. Tires Kumho Ecstas -2018 approximately 15,000 miles ago. Front upper A arms, lower ball joints, tie rod ends and sway bar links - 2018. Alternator and Battery - 2018. All 8 coil packs and plugs - 2017. Front driver and passenger window motors and regulators - 2019. Rear wheel bearings- 2017.
    What works well: The engine runs perfectly. Oil and filters changed regularly with Mobile 1 synthetic. K&N air filter. Seat controls work and there are no tears in the leather. No cracks in the dashboard. Carpet in great shape with LSE floormats.
    Problems: Paint is original with several dings and scratches. One small crack in both the front and rear bumpers. Controls on the steering wheel do not work including cruise control. Volume buttons change the radio station instead of the volume. For the most part, this is a great car with low miles for a 17 year old car and has never been in an accident. My intent was too restore this car to perfect condition, but my job transferred me to a location 3 hours from my home and any spare time I have is spent traveling and spending time with my family.
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