01 lincoln ls v8 cam noise after changing tensioners


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Sep 3, 2022
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01 lincoln ls v8 changed the secondary tensioners. Torqued every to spec. Start up was great ran good for about 4 minutes. I was filling the coolent up letting in just run. I give it a review to about 2,000 rpm to help suck down coolent. It then started sounding like the cam caps came loose. I broke it all back down everything seems tight. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Probably should have pulled the fuse for the fuel pump, and cranked the engine for a few seconds to prime the engine. Then started it.

Revving the engine is not necessary, to "get the coolant sucked down".

That is not part of the cooling system fill procedure... but patience is because the cooling system will bleed itself to a point.

Many cooling system threads on this forum, and how to bleed it.
Try probing around the engine to see where the noise is loudest.

Maybe installing the secondary tensioners put more load on the primary tensioners... and they failed.

A compression test might confirm that.

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