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  1. stihlboy

    For Sale Gen2 / GENII Rear Axles (pair) - USED - Chicago

    What's shipping cost to me lol
  2. stihlboy

    Misc. LS parts

    Crap I needed the hid light
  3. stihlboy

    For Sale LINCOLN LS Parts

    Gen 2 hid have any pics?
  4. stihlboy

    Sold Lincoln LS LSE Parts for Sale

    Well I'm definitely interested in the white one
  5. stihlboy

    Sold Lincoln LS LSE Parts for Sale

    How much for the white plate trim
  6. stihlboy

    93-96 Terminator Bumper ---Finally Ready

    somebody call Debi
  7. stihlboy

    Rear Toe Link / Tie Rod / Lateral Bar, options other then ford?

    I was agreeing with you on updating the thread.. I'm not sure how the passive rear steer works either
  8. stihlboy

    For Sale 2006 LS complete part out

    Still have the engine?
  9. stihlboy

    For Sale Gen 2 LS / Thunderbird parts

    Where are you located I need the ls service manuals
  10. stihlboy

    Rear Toe Link / Tie Rod / Lateral Bar, options other then ford?

    I agree with the above poster because my car has the high speed vibration now left rear is gone
  11. stihlboy

    For Sale Gen One Grill

    gen 1 mark viii grill is more descriptive lol
  12. stihlboy

    Exhaust Clips 2016

    fixed it! thanks
  13. stihlboy

    What did you do to your LS today?

    fired mine up for some fun
  14. stihlboy

    Exhaust Clips 2016

    OH here is the tunnel video
  15. stihlboy

    Miles on your LS

    tell ya what..... lets see if you can count them all... Sit down and shut up and maybe you'll learn something
  16. stihlboy

    2005 Lincoln LS overheats and loosing fluid

    I'm just gonna leave this here...
  17. stihlboy

    For Sale LS and Misc stuff for sale ...

    spoiler white?
  18. stihlboy

    Exhaust Clips 2016

    sounds awesome!..... my car is coming out of winter hibernation for this.. muffler delete and 4'' stainless tips
  19. stihlboy

    For sale : 06 pearl white grille

    after 4 years looking it wasn't getting away from me lol
  20. stihlboy

    WTB: 2004-2005 Gen II LSE / All-red Tail light set.

    hey you may try this.........