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    Shock Absorbers

    I need to replace the stock shock absorbers on my 2013 Lincoln MKX. What brand can you recommend?
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    The End Of Atheism

    I used to be a devout catholic but I have witnessed many things that got me thinking and questioning my faith. Now I have no religion. I just pray directly to GOD whenever I feel like it. It's more of a personal relationship with him.
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    Missin All My Hotties !

    Howdy! Hope you are doing well too.
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    Pipe cactus flowers

    They are lovely!
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    One of The Funniest Things I Have Ever Seen!

    She is really strange. Lol.
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    Hobbies : What do You love to Do?

    I love traveling, surfing and cooking.
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    Howdy! Leon here. My daily driver is a 2013 Lincoln MKX.