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  1. Talbotway

    Need Prayers for Pektel

    Your still in my prayers
  2. Talbotway

    LS finnally going in for work

    My 04 has been so very good to me only needing routine maintence until about 6 months ago when the A/C started off and on throwing out Heated,(not out side air) out. I suspected the DCCV but temps and funds being what they were I just opened my windows. Then the engine light and rough running...
  3. Talbotway

    2014 Lincoln LS Calendar Poll

    Lots of good LS's 6 8 14 15 16 17 20 21 22 26 31 33
  4. Talbotway

    LS: Hulk Edition

    Big Balls my friend! The stance of the car definatly helps it look better.
  5. Talbotway

    Official LS Picture Thread

    Looks like you've rashed up the WW spoiler
  6. Talbotway

    Just got my new to me LS!!!!!!!!!!!

    Pedal, Welcome to LVC. here you will find the inseration to go from stock to shock! First lesson is read the sticky's on top of the forum as it wil explain alot of tech questions and the better way to search issues. All of that will make your experience here a more enjoyable one. I know the...
  7. Talbotway

    Official LS Picture Thread

    Tony, Those wheels have made the top of my list of wheels I have to have! Badass!
  8. Talbotway

    North East Ohio Cookout/ Meet

    VETTE???? Did I miss your new car acquisition ?
  9. Talbotway

    Waiting Room

    The LSX is still in my town. I saw it at a local car show last week..
  10. Talbotway

    June 7th Thur 9th, 2013, National LS Meet St Louis

    Rollin, Can you PM me your phone #? I am going to be rolling in Friday evening about 10pm. I want to make sure I hook up with any late nighters or at least get the right spot on sat morning
  11. Talbotway

    What happened to Lincoln Luxury Sport Owners Club (LLSOC)?

    Guys, I ran across LLSOC before I found my way here and never joined that group. But since this thread was brought up I went back and looked around, and seeing we have here some members active in both communities, I must ask,, Is the discussions different there than here? The member ship is...
  12. Talbotway

    One of my favorite drives. What are yours?

    :eek: wow!!! That would be an awsome ride... Mine just moved to second place
  13. Talbotway

    Blast from the Past

    Oh hell,, thats a BIG summer!! Good luck
  14. Talbotway

    One of my favorite drives. What are yours?

    US 129 Deals Gap will put your nerves to the test. 318 turns in 11 miles
  15. Talbotway

    Bringing a 2001 LS back to life after being abused.

    Its refreshing to hear someone take a positive attitude to bringing a LS back to life. I like reading your repairs as you have the understanding that to get it back will take time and effort and your not down on the car because of issues. I'm sure in the end the car will no longer be a flip...
  16. Talbotway

    Did some work this weekend...

    I try to never think of my total investment, I like old saying,, ignorance is bliss!
  17. Talbotway

    Blast from the Past

    Tru, Great to see you back. Any chance you'll make STL. in June?
  18. Talbotway

    June 7th Thur 9th, 2013, National LS Meet St Louis

    Rollin,, It looks like my boss is going to excuse me from inventory that weekend, I'm back on the list. I won't need a room as my family lives in North County. Is everyone just meeting at the hotel on the first day? Where are all the travlers going to wash off the road grime thursday evening?
  19. Talbotway

    Official LS Picture Thread

    plate says it all
  20. Talbotway

    Official LS Picture Thread

    I like those wheels