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    Mk viii #3 coil keeps blowing

    Plugs are new, with the correct gap. No visible problems with the wires, but I don't have my volt ohm meter handy. Couldn't be the stainless steel connectors I used to replace the rusty spring connectors, either, the problem started first, which is what led me to start replacing them... its just...
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    Customer reviews, Arnott or Strutmasters

    Still trying to get my 98LSC converted. The air ride is nice, but frankly I consider it ill-conceived. Since most who could afford the car new would likely replace it in 5 years or less, longevity didn't seem to be considered. I has so many potential failure points, and when it goes, its...
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    Mk viii #3 coil keeps blowing

    Both aftermarket and OEM coils blow. ECU... that's an idea. I'm thinking maybe the wires where I can't see them or some sort of module, but have no idea what. Maybe I'll see about replacing the wires and see what happens.
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    Mk viii #3 coil keeps blowing

    No oil. No water, dirt, or contaminents. Wires look good, but after that I'm usually at a loss with electrical stuff.
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    An interesting set of articles on the Mark VIII and a concept Mark VIII

    Maybe... I'm no expert, but I distinctly remember pontiac gto's with up to 350hp or so, stock. The mid 70's and 80's were when the horses dropped. Had a 87 mustang gt that might have had 200hp... on a good day. Of course, the hp in the 60's came from BIG engines, too... that got about 12 mpg if...
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    Original tires 98 mark viii lsc

    I have a set of the original tires from my 98 mark viii, still new. The first owner removed them for 17" wheels. I read somewhere that Goodyear made these special, and stopped making them years ago. Even other Eagle tires aren't the same, supposedly. Any truth to this?
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    Evap emission canisters necessary?

    I guess I got my answer. One was already disconnected, so pulled the other off. It still runs. Now I just need to find or make a new tray and put them back on.
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    What did you do to your Mark VIII today?

    After sitting for 5 years (yeah, i know... I probably can't afford this car, but have had it for 12 years) because I couldn't afford to fix the air ride, we had to move. Got a new battery, 5 gallons of gas, a can of Sea Foam, and she started right up. Amazing!
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    Mk viii #3 coil keeps blowing

    1998 mark viii lsc, the #3 cylinder ignition coil blows out every time the engine is revved high. Any ideas as to the problem? Went through 3 ignition coils so far.
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    Evap emission canisters necessary?

    My 98 mark 8 lsc has the evaporative emission canisters tray rusted out, so it now drags on the ground. Was considering just removing them temporarily, because i have to move the car. Does anyone know if they're necessary for the car to run?
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    Blend Door Actuator Help -- Need Exp'd Mechanic in N.E.

    Definitely not a good mechanic. At the very least he should've called with options before reassembling.
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    Blend Door Actuator Help -- Need Exp'd Mechanic in N.E.

    Awesome idea.. been trying to think of ways to fix it cheap...
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    $3,000 difference is it worth it

    IMO, the moonroof, heated seats and nicer condition would be worth it. Just be sure to check the air ride system, if still there. I'd be surprised if it's lasted this long.
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    Under Body Canister Tray on 97-98 mark VIII

    Yes, mine rusted out after sitting for 5 years... add it to parts I'll need. Got a new battery, some Seafoam, 5 gals fresh gas and she started right up though... now if i can just afford the shocks...