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    When to shift using SST

    I dont mean to come off as an A$$ hole, but.... I take it none of you have ever driven a manual trans vehicle before? Now before you go "wait this guys is an idiot, this isnt a manual!?!" let me explain. If you have EVER driven a manual trans vehilce before, and you attempt to down shift, or...
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    Broken Injector Harness Connectors

    you can remove the pins from the conector with a terminal tool (specialty tool shops will have them). But for whats its worth just put a zip tie through the slot were the clip broke and around the connector on the injector. these guys break ALL of the time and thats usualy the fix for them.
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    how do u check the transmission fluid

    No dip stick on the trans. To check the level, run the car, let it reac op-temp, lift the vehicle so you can go under it but besure the car is still LEVEL! With the engine still running unscrew the hex plug on the top right corner of the trans, fluid should run out and be level with the bottom...
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    Check Engine Temp

    could very well be the thermostat being that the LS uses a wax stat..... BUT, in reality the most common cause of this is actually a faulty overflow cap. On the LS (t bird and s type also) the over flow cap acts as your "radiator cap" it is designed to hold 15psi.... if it is leaky and the...
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    Quick, the reason you couldn't find a colder plug for the LS is because there isn't one listed as a "Colder Plug for the LS" as there is for Mustangs, F-body's, ect. But, this doesn't mean there isn't a colder plug.... you just have to find it yourself. When i ran my turbo on the ls, i ran 1...
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    Custom Sub box

    Asking $300 plus shipping.
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    Custom Sub box Box is for Sale
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    lincoln ls turbo

    I havent been around the forums in a while... and i was amazed to see that this thread has been brought back up after a year! I ended up getting that turbo repaired and rather than using it... i purchased a larger turbo that would be more suitable for the ls, i came up with a new game plan...
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    so who has done this????

    The LS has a feature where it will adjust the volume depending on vehicle speed...... so, the radio harness has your vss wire in it.... which also goes to the cruise unit. chances are this wire got shorted out, or connected to something accidentaly...... but, id think that this would effect your...
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    How about that. In tank/hose(?) oil cooler. Never saw that kind before

    Actually there has always been an oil/water cooler on the 3.9. If you look at the filter housing you can see the black cooler before the filter with a send/return hose going to the radiator. to the left of the housing is the oil pressure transducer. It has always been like that. The lines you...
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    Largest Stereo System
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    New software from Microsoft

    I hope no one takes any offense to this, but i found it to be pretty funny.
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    I hate my LS right now

    Don't remember the part number.... but dont worry..... easy fix.... take off the door panel, drill 3 rivets, put in 3 new rivets... you're ready to go......... but yeah, i felt like an ass rolling down my window and reaching outside to open my door when it happened to me
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    Hydraulic fan

    It works off of a pump very similar to your power steering pump. If you look under the hood you will see a resivoir on either side of the engine, the passenger side is the fan, and the drivers side is the power steering. Both opperate off of power steering fluid.
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    weird incident

    Taken from my ford service disk Fail-Safe Cooling Strategy Only vehicles that have a cylinder head temperature (CHT) sensor will have the fail-safe cooling strategy. This strategy is activated by the PCM only in the event that an overheating condition has been identified. This strategy...
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    weird incident

    There is a large thread about this some where on lvc where we talked about this, so ill make this short. I had the same problem, tried a few things to diagnose it. First i thought i had air bubbles so i degassed the engine, then i replaced the ect, still happened, thermostat, still happened...
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    Finally diagnosed my fuel system

    The LS fuel system is a returnless system. It controls fuel pressure by altering voltage going to the fuel pump. You have a sensor on the drivers side fuel rail that monitors fuel pressure, and engine vacuum. This sensor in conjunction with rpm, tp, and engine load lets your REM know how...
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    ¿Is PATS craked?

    Wont happen. PATS, PK3, Sentry or any other OEM RFID system needs to see the Key RFID durring ignition power up. If this ID isn't present durring ignition power on, the ECM will NOT allow the engine to start. You can not turn on the ignition, and THEN try to show the ID after. So in other words...
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    Is It Just Me????

    Good snow tires are a must! I got a set of continentals for the winter, and it made a HUGE difference. This year however, i decided to lower the car 1.75 inches, so now not only do i have to deal with getting traction, i have to make sure that the tires are actualy on the ground! It's like a...
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    Alarm Outputs

    this is exaclty why i didnt do the channel expander on my compustar. I have window up/down as well, but i used the option programmer to set the latch time (10 seconds) for window up and down. If you dont have any accesoirs on your car that you would like to trigger, (neon, air suspension...