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  1. chp10_8

    It's That Time of Year: Low Temps = Low Truck

    Grab a spray bottle put a little dish soap in there, pop the hood on the driver side easy access to the air spring cap and pray away the other side isn't really hard to get to but it is under the battery tray just a little in front of it spray as well if you see bubbles replace the cap this is...
  2. chp10_8

    2006 Lincoln Navigator on 26's

    I thought you had sold the Navi?
  3. chp10_8

    04 navigator air suspension schematic

    What all have you done, also you have two relays on that model, did you replace both or just the one?
  4. chp10_8

    Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 in Navigator

    So I wanted to change out my head unit getting intermittent issues with the CD player and the nav is kind of outdated, looked at some replacement units but not really liking the way that they will look installed. So what I plan on doing is installing my T-Mobile Tab 2 10.1 in place of the...
  5. chp10_8

    Central Valley Bakersfield area

    Wanting to set up a meet family friends food and most of all fun....... thinking Hart park or even River Walk park so the kids can enjoy themselves p.m. me for more details and possible dates
  6. chp10_8

    Navigator 2000 engine oil indication when real cold

    This could result from wrong oil weight, low oil capacity, or worn bearings, my first test, perform oil change with proper oil weights! GL
  7. chp10_8

    2000 Navigator Idle need adjusting

    It's not wise to mess with the system this vehicle is electronically monitored and will utilize the cruise control cable to adjust need idle, if you go messing with it you will kick a code for high idle, you could have another issue with IAC (idler air control valve) remove clean with carb...
  8. chp10_8

    Navigator exhaust

    If anyone is interested (still) deleting the two rear cats and installing a mandrel bend if your keeping a single exhaust is the way to go as well as deleting the rear resonator. this alone will boost up torque, HP,and MPG. Not to mention release a lot of back pressure issues!!!! GL
  9. chp10_8

    timing chains

    On this vehicle the kit comes with two chains, 4 guides, both cam gears, crank gear, two tensioners. what it doesn't come with that you will need is the timing cover gaskets, RTV, (on my job I removed the radiator so, coolant). Let me know if you need any help or other wise.