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  1. JRiffe108

    2005 LSV8 Ultimate for sale

    T-reg is a beast!!! Brembo 6 pot calipers, AWD, Adjustable Air ride, comfort, sport and auto settings. 315 HP, 6 spd auto. Rides like my LS when susp lowered, but stops 10 times better. Amazing vehicle. Piss-poor mileage though. I'll still be around, Thanks again everyone for having such a great...
  2. JRiffe108

    2005 LSV8 Ultimate for sale

    Thanks for the pic tip. LS is gone. Picked up my new baby today. Rides nice. 4-corner air suspension. Pics to come when she's cleaned up. My LS is in Ft.Worth, TX at Allens Texas Motorcars if anyones interested.
  3. JRiffe108

    2005 LSV8 Ultimate for sale

    Actually, i've had alot of compliments on the red calipers. But, to each his own. I'm trading it in on a Touareg AWD. Absolutley love my LS but can't handle the sub-par brakes, Finnicky transmission, and ridiculously low ground clearance. I need more room in the carge area and the trunk is...
  4. JRiffe108

    2005 LSV8 Ultimate for sale

    Tag, yes. We designed them ourselves. Wanted something more modern and wanted to stand out. Something kind of cool for the kids too. Allows us to be more "approachable". Plus, most of the public does ot recognize it as a traffic unit while at speed on the roadway, allowing for easier traffic...
  5. JRiffe108

    2005 LSV8 Ultimate for sale

    Ha ha ha, ya'll are such dicks. lol I had to reduce the picture size in order to attach them to the post. When reducing them, it dropped the quality. Im not familiar with how to attach a high-res photo without reducing its size. I apologize for the crappy quality. Well, I'm trading her in...
  6. JRiffe108

    2005 LSV8 Ultimate for sale

    Hey guys, I've decided to part with my LS. I'm gonna trade it in soon but thought i'd give someone here a shot at it. 2005 Lincoln LS V8, approx 49000 miles. Light tundra met., Ultimate package, Fact. Xenons, Fact. Nav., Chrome 8 spoke fact. wheels. trunk cargo net, Adds include Xenon fogs...
  7. JRiffe108

    Ipod Interface, factory 6 disc w/ Nav

    Cool. Thanks for the help guys. I emailed PIE and will call them tomorrow to confirm a working unit for my nav. I seen three different options. Pod, Pod/s, Pod2. Not sure of the difference other than the price. Will post part numbers with additional information after chat with PIE. Anyone on...
  8. JRiffe108

    Ipod Interface, factory 6 disc w/ Nav

    Hey Guys, I've been searching for an Ipod interface for my lady. 2005 LS V8 Ultimate, Factory 6 disc THX Navigation. I've searched the forums and can't come up with anything. Also, I've searche the web to no avail. I seen some info suggesting an interface that is plug and play, replaces the...
  9. JRiffe108

    brake rotors

    stock rotors and Akebono Pro-Act ceramic pads. Can get them from Best pad for the money. Some Made in USA (Kentucky) , Super quiet, no heat fade, and virtually dustless. Just tread the reviews at They are worth nevery penny.
  10. JRiffe108

    continuing cooling issues

    Check very carefully for a leak. Inspect around the waterpump and the entire radiator. If no leaks are present, then you must be losing coolant into the engine. Blown head gasket or intake gasket. Have you noticed alot of steam on cold morning when first starting the car or even after driving...
  11. JRiffe108

    Won't start - speakers pop

    RJCC, please dont tell me you are charging a lead-acid battery indoors??? Venting gases are explosive, corrosive, and foul smelling.
  12. JRiffe108

    Won't start - speakers pop

    That hold-down bolt is a piece. I had new battery installed at Ford under factory warranty. After leaving Ford, I inspected the battery while pumping fuel and noticed the bolt was not tight. I could actually pull up on the bolt, causing the battery to slide a bit. Turns out, the bolt had...
  13. JRiffe108

    Best Brakes for Stock Use?

    Ordered my Akebono's from, not sure who else carries them. Tirerack also has Valeo buy one get one free on wipers. Great wipers, even better price, same as Bosch Icon wipers. Get a set of the wipers when you order your pads. It's like ten bucks to turn a rotor. Find a brake shop or...
  14. JRiffe108

    Upgrading Thermostat?

    Leave the t-stat alone. They have been engineered to be perfect. They are high temp for a reason. Too low opening temp and the water doesnt sit in the radiator long enough to cool. If you remove it and run without one, it will overheat because the water doesnt stay in the radiator long enough to...
  15. JRiffe108

    new rotor new pads still squeking

    Remove and re-surface rotors. Reinstall and break in pads(light to moderate breaking for 300 miles). If your ride still sounds like a school bus, then order some Akebono Pro-Act pads from or wherever ou can get them. Also, if you get them from Tirerack, go ahead and order a set of...
  16. JRiffe108

    Best Brakes for Stock Use?

    Order some Akebono Pro-Act pads from and install. Lowest dusting pad available, good bite cold and hot, absolutely no squeal EVER!!! Don't forget to have your rotors re-surfaced (turned) or at the very least take some sandpaper to them to remove any glaze and or pad material...
  17. JRiffe108

    Very Good Read on Oil

    Not a total believer. Wear at start-up is due to all the oil being drained into the sump. Also, nearly all oil pumps are mechanical, only operating while the engine is turning or running. Also, when an engine is cold (ambient temp), the different types of metals, alloys have a certain tolerance...
  18. JRiffe108


    IIRC, there is a sticker affixed with the code printed on it. I believe the sticker is somewhere under the driver's side column, affixed to the pcm, or some other box.
  19. JRiffe108

    07M07/07N09 extended to 2004 models

    +1 for 2005. Also states one time coverage due to water infiltration from wiper seal. 10 yr, 100,000 mile
  20. JRiffe108

    how far do you drive to work?

    Approx. 8 miles each way. I have resorted to parking my LS and riding my bike. Honda CBR that is. 60 MPG versus 20 MPG. Plus, keeps the mileage down until i can buy the extended service plan. I must admit though, i miss driving my lady.