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  1. exceptionaLS

    Looking to trade wheels

    I have 4 wheels and tires (pretty good tread) off my 2000 ls. I would do the trade, send me an email to if interested. Im in 07646.
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    Lincoln LS is rock solid.

    I mean, Thanks!
  3. exceptionaLS

    Lincoln LS is rock solid.

    I :q:q:q:q in my pants. That's prob why I didn't notice.
  4. exceptionaLS

    Lincoln LS is rock solid.

    Man drives into a rockslide - YouTube
  5. exceptionaLS

    Full System. 2 Kicker L7, 2 amps, Cap, All Wires

    $499 for everything. I have a used stereo system, pick up by buyer. Bergen County NJ Includes: 2 Kicker L7's (12 inch) in ported Subzone box. 2 Amps Crunch "Powerzone" PZI 175.4 Hifonics "Brutus" BXI2006D Whip Audio 2.4 Farad Capacitor Clarion EQS 746 Equalizer Headunit: Alpine...
  6. exceptionaLS

    Aftermarket Headunit Kit

    Hello, For sale is a aftermarket kit I had in my 2000 v6. I am asking $25 plus split shipping. I would really prefer local pickup in Bergen county NJ. Please send email to, I may not be checking this post frequently as I no longer own an LS. thanks
  7. exceptionaLS

    Factory tech manuals

    ooooo bid war I see...... new price 44.99 and i'll throw in some bubble wrap free of charge
  8. exceptionaLS

    Factory tech manuals

    I have the 2 volume set for the 2000 year specificly. I'm trying to get 50 bucks. email is Marcusk34@gmail. With shipping 50 bucks.
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    2004 Lincoln LS V6 with SST

    found this.... pretty cool YouTube - 2004 Lincoln LS V6 with SST
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    Official LS Picture Thread

    special for you (not my plate) .
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    F the haters!
  12. exceptionaLS

    Water Coming In Through Trunk

    For now until you fix it, take the spare out and then take one of the plastic plugs out in the spare tire well. That will keep the water drained until you figure out what is leaking.
  13. exceptionaLS

    Does anyone have the 2nd GEN LINCOLN LS Repair Manual?

    Hey man, I have this. Somebody other than me will have to say if it covers the second gen. I know it has both v6 and v8 models. I had a 2000 V6 (sold it) and am no longer using mine. Can be yours if you wanna buy it. Good luck Here is the post in the for sale section...
  14. exceptionaLS

    Crashed the LS

    I got a set of 16' stocks if you need them.
  15. exceptionaLS

    CEL Code= P0420...any ideas?

    Hey Brian. This code was on my car, and I sold the car with it on. I went ahead and bought 2 catalytic converters though when I thought I could fix it, before I decided to pull the trigger on buying a new car, I also had a terrible overheating problem so it wasn't only the p0420 code that made...
  16. exceptionaLS

    Lincoln Ls Catalytic Converters. Brand New!

    Cats are sold. Rooski got a heck of a deal.
  17. exceptionaLS

    wildwood car show

  18. exceptionaLS

    Lincoln Ls Catalytic Converters. Brand New!

    Rain gaurds are sold. Cat converters Still available.
  19. exceptionaLS

    The LS is officially no more..

    That's a nice looking ride.
  20. exceptionaLS

    LINCOLN LS BODY DONE!! what you think

    That's sick man....