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  1. Rancor Keeper

    Wanted WTB Ford 3.9L 4V Cam Tool Set

    Doing the timing on my '04 Lincoln (& plan to do the '05 in the near future), but I'm having trouble finding the three piece tool kit for sale online. There are several places that list it, but they all say Out-of-Stock when I try to place an order. Anyone got the tool kit for sale?
  2. Rancor Keeper

    For Sale 2006 Lincoln LS V8

    Looks like it's in nice shape. Any chance it's got heated/cooled rear seats?
  3. Rancor Keeper

    An LS owner no more

    Just last week I bought a 1985 Mustang GT from the original owner & he didn't seem too conflicted or sad about it either, which surprised me. It had been years since he had registered it & only drove it occasionally to keep it in running condition. I think he had just had it for so long without...
  4. Rancor Keeper

    For Sale 2003 LINCOLN LS 3.9 V8 ONE OWNER 153K MILES

    Sharp color; wish I was closer.
  5. Rancor Keeper

    2004 ls rear brake backing plate

    Seriously. Any reputable shop should have pointed out the function of the dust shield & that it's not a necessary component of the brake system. Also, fwiw, I took all mine off years ago with a recip saw & a thin kerf metal demo blade. Required taking all the wheels off, of course, but I left...
  6. Rancor Keeper

    For Sale LINCOLN LS 2003 2004 2005 V6 3.0 CENTER DASH VENT

    I have three of those - do they really go for $75?!?!
  7. Rancor Keeper

    For Sale ‘98 LSC toreador red $1,000

    Car looks to be in pretty nice shape; what's the mileage? You mention the rear shocks are gone & it certainly looks like it in a couple of the pics. Is it driveable as-is in that condition?
  8. Rancor Keeper

    For Sale 2004 Lincoln LSE Factory Chrome Wheels

    Links are dead - got pics?
  9. Rancor Keeper

    Front Left Knuckle/Ball Joint Replacement

    Sure they have. And then they got divorced, hence the lack of money for LS repairs.
  10. Rancor Keeper

    Ok guys. New question for suspension.

    Agree completely about the springs comment, but Eibach makes a Pro-Kit for the LS & it is definitely not junk.
  11. Rancor Keeper

    Gen1 LSE in IL -55k, $10k

    At that price, it would almost have to.
  12. Rancor Keeper

    Transmission rebuild - upgrade internals?

    My 93 Octane tune has the tranny programmed for harder shifts & increased line pressure, but frankly, it's nothing close to a shift kit. But with a slightly beefier rebuild, maybe I'll get more than 85,000 miles out of this one. Appreciate all your help on this.
  13. Rancor Keeper

    Transmission rebuild - upgrade internals?

    Searching posts here brought up squat, which is why I started the thread, but some searching on my Mustang Forums on the 5R55S & valve body springs helped me find these guys: Ford 5R55S Transmission Thanks for replying about the valve body - I don't think I would have searched using that part...
  14. Rancor Keeper

    For Sale 2006 Lincoln LS - complete car part-out

    Car is now at the boneyard. Center console & radio/cd palyer are still available, as is the throttle body & oil & tranny fluid coolers. Thanks for all the interest.
  15. Rancor Keeper

    Transmission rebuild - upgrade internals?

    So the guy who's rebuilding my transmission has struck out trying to find a shift kit or manufacturer who sells heavy duty internals like clutches, bands, etc. Has anyone rebuilt their tranny with upgraded internals?
  16. Rancor Keeper

    For Sale 2006 Lincoln LS - complete car part-out

    So, once I got the bumper cover loose, I discovered a crack on the passenger side. Asked Dad about it, he said his bumper got tagged in a parking lot about a year ago; you can see the crazing in the paint in the same area. It's a little over an inch long, but was tight while the bumper was in...
  17. Rancor Keeper

    For Sale 2006 Lincoln LS - complete car part-out

    IM'd you with prices, here are pics of these items:
  18. Rancor Keeper

    For Sale 2006 Lincoln LS - complete car part-out

    I have a 2006 Lincoln LS which I am parting out. It was my 1st LS & has been my Dad's since I sold it to him in 2009. 224,000 miles & the intake runner "flappers" finally bit the dust, so not worth repairing. I'm parting it out, items available locally or I might ship, depending on size. The...
  19. Rancor Keeper

    '04 V8 P0171/P0174 codes

    Kudos to you if those simple efforts actually took care of the cel. It's nice on the rare occasion when a little elbow grease fixes the problem.