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    Electric fan conversion questions (V6)

    Yes it's a lifesaver, the thread was a bit hard to find I guess not a lot of people would know about it if they weren't thoroughly searching the forum, but hopefully linking it from here will improve that.
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    Electric fan conversion questions (V6)

    Ok, I got this done. $50 amazon fan wired to come on with ignition, no controller for now. I might add a toggle switch later on. Went with the complete delete of the hydro system since it makes me feel better with it completely gone. I used the Ford Escape idler bracket seen in this thread in...
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    Electric fan conversion questions (V6)

    Alright, my hydraulic fan pump is no good. I replaced the actuator before and it runs but now the pump itself is leaking from the back. I'm done with the hydro fan and switching to an electric fan but I need all the info I can get. Searching through the forums what I've found that I can either...
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    Engine Splash Guard

    New cars these days have a smooth plastic underbody cover just for aerodynamics. It's probably a minimal difference at the most
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    7 Split Spoke Wheels

    Nice! Those fill out the wheel well almost perfectly. I found the wheels I was looking for a while back with pretty good street tires still on them, $200 for the set. The 7 split spoke wheels come standard on the sport version of the LS btw if anyone was wondering
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    2004 ls rear brake backing plate

    Don't worry about it just remove it if it's really bad or leave it alone if it's not rubbing against the rotors, that shop was just trying to get your $800.
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    Best selling venue in 2021

    FB Marketplace is the new craigslist, private sale will get you more money than business entities since businesses will want to make a profit from you somehow. List slightly above your price and negotiate when they see it in person
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    Wanted gen 1 sport shifter

    If anyone has one laying around let me know
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    Suspension parts question

    Joe what is the difference that makes the ford part retain passive rear steering? I replaced mine with aftermarket. It looks like something that would compress within that tube where he's pointing at.
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    Wheel Speed Sensor PSA

    Gen 1: has bolt in type sensors (hex key) Gen 2: has snap in type with retaining clips They are not interchangeable. That being said, I have a pair of gen 2 speed sensors for sale, I can't use them for my 2001. Also, maybe it's a good idea to replace them in pairs, or at least use the same...
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    Rear brakes question

    Needle nose pliers work in a pinch. It won't be as efficient as the tool but it gets it done, just place it in the slots and rotate while pushing in
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    Front Left Knuckle/Ball Joint Replacement

    I've had my passenger side ball joint replaced by a mechanic without issue, just make sure you let them know to be careful and that it's aluminum and easy to crack.
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    Cheap set of 5x108 wheels for some inexpensive winter tires?

    FB marketplace is where it's at for used wheels, you can find full sets for under $200 depending on condition. ebay is also an option but shipping will add up, message an offer to buy a full set from a junkyard and they might cut you a deal
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    How do you know if Base or LSE model?

    Most lses didn't come with them so it's a hot item
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    Throttle body coolant bypass

    Ok I was unaware of the extent of that coolant line, thank you for the information joe. If it is not causing excessive intake heat I will leave it alone To answer your questions, I initially presumed that the intake air would be warmed by the hot coolant and was posting here to see if I can...
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    Throttle body coolant bypass

    hmm, it's a popular modification with LSX engines, I thought something similar can be applied here. I like taking out what I can that isn't required for my situation, ex; I've done a secondary air pump delete since it's not needed to pass emissions in my state.. It rarely gets below freezing...
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    Throttle body coolant bypass

    Anybody know of a good way to bypass the hot coolant heating up the intake charge? I'd prefer it to be easily reversible so I can utilize it during the winter and then bypass during the warmer months, although it doesn't really get terribly cold here I doubt the TB will freeze up even if I did...
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    How do you know if Base or LSE model?

    How does one remove the spoiler on an LSE? I found one at a junkyard in my color but I didn't grab it
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    2000 LS Front Pass door interior handle will not open door

    I've been reaching out the window to let myself out for years, eventually the window motor will go out and I'll probably fix my handle. I would've swapped it out by now if it were bolted on instead of those rivets
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    How do you know if Base or LSE model?

    some will have the LSE badge on the trunk lid On stock cars look for the rear spoiler, body color accents instead of chrome, and quad exhaust tips