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    I am looking to buy a 1994-1996 Mark VIII

    I seek one that the air ride works. and everything else works. body in good condition IF u r More then 100 miles away U pay for the cheapest PM 1 way ticket. I'd like someone to have skin in the game. I don't want to show up with surprizes . FYI I have owned 5 of them...
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    looking to buy a Mark 8 and everything works

    text me with pix and zip code 3179009019. looking for good condition and EVERYTHING works
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    eBay not working. do u still have it ?
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    For Sale 1995 Lincoln Mark Series Coupe Red RWD Automatic LSC

    do u still have this car? eBay doesn't show up
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    looking to buY 1994-1996 MARK 8

    I want to buy 1994-1996 within 1000 miles of Indiana. NO rust. No issues. I'll fly to see it. please don't waste my time. I am a mechanic. I expect everything to work. including the air ride, OR you have put on springs. send me pix. zip code. and everything you have in terms of maintenance...
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    I want to buy a mark 8

    I seek one with NO rust. the air ride must work perfectly ( as in doesn't bleed down in a week or less. must be under 120k miles. I am in Noblesville Indiana. 46062. 317-900-9019.
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    Disposing of a 1997 Mark VIII

    do u still have the car and photos?
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    For Sale 1994 MARK VIII, Electric Currant Red w/Black Interior

    I'm very interested. I live 3 hrs away. that being said, at your price I expect VERY GOOD condition. please tell me ANY flaws, I'd hate to drive that far just to find rust and other issues
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    For Sale 98 Mark VIII LSC Only 73,313 Miles

    how much are u asking and where is vehicle located?
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    what year did Lincoln work the bugs out ? If ever

    I called it a P.O.S. transmission. BECAUSE every time I see one for sale for under 2k it has a transmission issue. I understand 2 k is cheap for a reason. Just seems to be a lot of them with transmission issues. I DON'T see the same for mark8s
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    what year did Lincoln work the bugs out ? If ever

    I didn't even read it all. It was a simple question. MY mark 8. was trouble free and fast as hell. all I did for 150k miles was synthetic oil changes. motor and transmission flawless. I can't figure out why they went to the 3.9L or the new POS transmission. I HEARD the 2003 model was...
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    what year did Lincoln work the bugs out ? If ever

    seen nothing but motor and transmission issues. I loved my mark8s I kinda like the look of the LS. But notice a lot of issues reported. many before the car even reaches 120k. My last mark8 was driven very hard and fast often. and I sold it with 283k miles. still steady as a rock. would love...
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    For Sale VERY CLEAN INSIDE & OUT, 88,426 MILES. I might trade as well INDIANA

    lOOKS DAM CLOSE TO NEW, this car scores a 97 out of 100, looks as good as the pix, with repair record and service all the way back to when it had 149 miles. PRICE IS FIRM, NO CHECKS. MIGHT TRADE FOR A LINCOLN OF EQUAL CONDITION SEE ALL 10 PIX. .GOLD KEY EDITION... Freshly detailed and...
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    Sold 1993-1996 grille lincoln mark VIII

    110$ plus 15$ shipping. see pictures. grille lincoln mark 8 INDIANAPOLIS INDIANA
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    Wanted: 1993 Lincoln Mark VIII front grill

    I have a grill. No broken fins. chrome has a 2 bad spots. whats your offer. I know the 93-95 is hard to find took me 6 months to find this one. but tranny just went out of my car so Now I don't need it.
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    93 Mark VIII engine and tranny for sale

    if the car can be driven, why r u just selling motor/transmission ? I need a 93 transmission. pump went out on mine. so are you removing the motors, or selling whole car ?
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    For Sale 93 mark VIII, 900, see pix and all new parts

    Runs very good. 170000 miles on motor. 4 wheel disk brakes, traction control,4 wheel Independent suspension ,ABS brakes. "The 4-valve DOHC 4.6 L engine was on the Ward's 10 Best Engines list for 1996 and 1997." Its the same motor they used in the 96-98 cobra mustangs . I have Only used...