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    2006 Navigator need help diagnosing

    I recently picked up a 2006 Navigator for parts but now considering fixing it up to use for daily driving since it's in pretty good shape other than some issues I will mention below. Previous owner took shortcuts on repairs from what I can see so I need to undo some of the stuff they did. The...
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    WTB: 98-02 Continenetal center console insert

    I am looking for the insert that goes inside the center console in a Continental. Mine used to have a CD Changer in it which was removed so now there is a hole in it's place and I can see the floor board. lol Does anyone have one that is a single piece without any holes? I like storing things...
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    WTB: Mark VIII 4R70W flexplate

    Does anyone have a 6 bolt flexplate from a Mark VIII 4R70W? Need it ASAP.