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    Help! More Cooling System Problems

    FYI, posted this before, but I had similar experience with cooling system...... you have to have a ford/lincoln OEM thermostat. or you will have that cooling issue. coolant will not flow properly.
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    POWER STOP!!!!

    yes,,,,, did mine right away with power stop drilled and slotted, and upgraded carbon fiber ceramic pads also. I love feel. bought my LS in august. the caliper pins were almost stuck from dried grease. work perfect now.
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    alternator remove and replace

    Had to walk away from it overnight and think about it.
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    alternator remove and replace

    On the 2006 3.9L LS, had to replace the alternator, (150K) bearings going out. In the repair manual/all data diy/you tube, shows removing the stabilizer bar or jacking up the engine to remove the lower (long) bolt which hits the stabilizer going toward front of the engine. I ended up taking...
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    cooling system thermostat

    So, I'm new here, have a 2006 LS 3.9L. 150,000 mi. after removing and replacing intake manifold for an engine miss and gasket leak, I started chasing a cooling problem after reassembly. I had replaced some of the cooling components since I was there; water pump, radiator, thermostat and...