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  1. Biocow

    New Project Arrived

    lowrider. will have decently built up 390 though
  2. Biocow

    New Project Arrived

    After a long ride from the West Coast my new project has arrived. It is a 1963 Ford Galaxie 500 with 35,000 miles on it. :)
  3. Biocow

    1988 Lincoln Mark VII

    Selling my 1988 Lincoln Mark VII, 302 HO w/rebuilt tranny, Erebuni ground effect kit, shaved door handles and elblems, Mustang GT spoiler, lowered, 18" Limited rims in front with 20" Limited rims in rear, Pioneer TV, stereo system, $7500obo canadian, PM if interested more pics here...
  4. Biocow

    Why Do You Have The Big V8

    so i can speed up global warming. jk power n reliability
  5. Biocow

    Polling Mark VII Owners

    -year/model: 1988 -male or female and age: MALE -miles you drive per day and what type of driving (city/highway): not much -what you like best about the MarkVII: body line -what you dislike the most about the MarkVII: original fake wood -rating of your Mark : 5, its a halla fun time to...
  6. Biocow

    Any interest in these?

    they look good
  7. Biocow

    Getting Back at an eBay Scammer

    here's the new ph# 718-225-2637 How long until he changes that one...
  8. Biocow

    Getting Back at an eBay Scammer

    This was originally posted on 's forums... the original thread was closed because it was so large, it started crashing their forums...- The story: A few months ago, I bought an expensive Movado watch from what seemed like a reputable wholesaler on Ebay with good feedback. The guy...
  9. Biocow

    Bush's Vists the North

    Little pointless article on Bush's visit to Canada. I believe the article actually did a good job portraying another side of Bush that some media outlets and me seem to over look.
  10. Biocow

    More bad economic news

    so true.
  11. Biocow

    Patriot Act II?

    What are your guys thoughts on Patriot Act II? I only recently heard of this, and have yet to form an opinion on it.
  12. Biocow

    Another of GW's Empty Promises.........

    lol. :monkey: <-- and for no apparent reason.
  13. Biocow

    Another of GW's Empty Promises.........

    the big counter argument firms will use against outsourcing, is they are just reflecting the demands of the consumers.
  14. Biocow

    Lie Down for America

    fair enough
  15. Biocow

    Lie Down for America

    I rather vote for a party based on its economic policies rather then their social stance.
  16. Biocow

    Lie Down for America

    what do you call what the republicans attempted to do during this year election with kerry background. Instead of acknowledging their candidate was a coward, they attacked kerrys military history
  17. Biocow

    Drag racers with Geico insurance policies...this is of importance to you

    geico only thing they got going right now is the lizard.
  18. Biocow

    Im Pissed ----Who Did This!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    we got some of that stuff this week. grrr.
  19. Biocow

    "Draining the Swamp"

    a good article about understanding why Iraqi's are fighting back
  20. Biocow

    It's begun

    not too be a dink. but wrong election there, which he is referring to.