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    '96 Mk VIII parts available

    What is the condition of the engine? Have you sold it yet?
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    SCIL or PATS Issue?

    Ok, thanks. I bought an original Gen2 Mark VIII fan yesterday off of Ebay so we'll see how long one lasts.
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    SCIL or PATS Issue?

    Did your new fan come out of a Mark VIII, or is it aftermarket?
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    Wanted Cooling fan needed for 98 Mark

    See title. Question: Do these Hayden or Four Seasons electric fan kits work well? I know the Gen2 Mark VIII fans push ~4500 CFM so I don't want to install something that won't help me.
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    SCIL or PATS Issue?

    Ok, thanks. I'll take a look. I have another, completely unrelated, question. Do you know if these Hayden or Four Seasons cooling fans are any good? The fan on my other Mark went out and I need a replacement. I will search the site to see if there are any posts on this.
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    SCIL or PATS Issue?

    I have a Gen2 Mark VIII that had been sitting for 3 or 4 months. I finally threw a brand new battery in it, and it started right up. I drove it around a bit with no issues, and then came back and parked it. The next day I went out to drive it again but got nothing! I'm familiar with the...
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    Wanted Need 97/98 Mark VIII Seat Switch Trim Driver Side Prairie Tan

    Need 97/98 Mark VIII Seat Switch Trim Driver Side Prairie Tan
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    For Sale 98 LSC Parts For Sale

    What is the condition of the driver's seat?
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    For Sale 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC

    Hi guys, I have a 98 midnight gray LSC that I am wanting to either sell as is or part out. The engine has a blown head gasket, the paint needs a lot of work, and the suspension needs some work as well. The vehicle does run and drive. I drive it on occasion, but only short distances, and never...
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    Blown Head Gasket: Need Advice

    Ok, thanks!
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    Not Passing Emissions

    Well, I was just driving it 15 miles in hopes it would reset, but I did not do what this article lays out. I will try this. Thanks.
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    Not Passing Emissions

    For some reason the monitors in the computer in my 98 Mark will not reset so it can pass emissions. My mechanic has tried everything he knows how to do. I would appreciate any ideas from someone more knowledgeable about this issue.
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    Wanted Thermostat Housing

    Need a Mark VIII thermostat housing.
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    Backup Camera Install on a 98 Mark VIII

    Has anyone installed a backup camera on a Gen 2 before? I have an Inclake camera (link below) but I don't see how to run the wires into the trunk area from the license plate area.
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    Wanted IMRC Needed - 98 Mark

    Need IMRC for my 1998 Mark VIII
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    Advanced heat problem!

    Ok thanks. I'm pretty sure my BDA is ok since the air moves from the dash vents to the lower vents just fine, so I will try the flush.
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    Advanced heat problem!

    Can you tell me exactly how to "flush" the heater core? Are there detailed instructions somewhere?
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    Wanted Outer Passenger Door Handle needed for 98 Mark

    Broke the outer door handle on my 98 Mark. Color is midnight grey but I'll take any color. I think the part number is XF3Z-6322404-AA.
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    What did you do to your Mark VIII today?

    I finally replaced my stock air ride system with Eibach springs and KYB struts from American Air. Love 'em!!
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    For Sale cobra intake.

    Is the intake and parts still for sale? Any idea what shipping cost would be to Houston?