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  1. KenshinZero

    If you had a nickel... (Pics)

    If I had a nickel for every bad driver that hit me (female or not) I would already have an LS8 and a mile long list of mods, lol
  2. KenshinZero

    Throttle body?

    From the looks of it you would probably need to bore out your factory TB. Get one from a scrap yard and have it bored out, and get the proper butterfly and you should be good. I know there are some shops that can do this, ask around some performance shops in your area, you never know, lol
  3. KenshinZero

    Throttle body?

    Is there any sort of improvement in swapping the stock LS TB for the Fox 5.0 TB?
  4. KenshinZero

    Nice to see another Michigan resident here.

    Nice to see another Michigan resident here.
  5. KenshinZero

    Another n00b from Michigan

    Agreed, these are some great looking cars, I’ve already figured out my first few modifications, I figure the 03+ has a good amount of power as is, so suspension and grip would be the first thing I look at, and since there are a few good road curses here in Michigan, I can keep my testing legal:)
  6. KenshinZero

    Another n00b from Michigan

    Hello, I have been floating around the site for about a month, and finally decided to join up. Currently I do not own a Lincoln or a Cadillac, my apologies. I joined to gather more information on the Lincoln LS, I first discovered this car a few years back, but at the time I had no interest in a...