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  1. chargerxr

    98 LSC Misfire After New Plugs and Wires .... SOS

    I think the fuel filter was most likely the culprit, especially if it was the original. Before condemning the catalytic converter, make sure it's not just the heat shield around the converter that's rattling. Very common on Ford products. If you do end up removing the converters, make sure the...
  2. chargerxr

    98 LSC Misfire After New Plugs and Wires .... SOS

    Have you changed the fuel filter? Also if you have access to a fuel pressure gauge I would check fuel pressure when it's acting up. I've seen fuel pumps not flow enough fuel after they get hot.
  3. chargerxr

    97 Mark VIII Stalling and I have no idea why?!?!?

    I would unplug the crank sensor and look at the connector and wiring to it. Put some dielectric grease in the connector. You may have a crank sensor going bad. As it heats up it decides to quit, and cools off and starts again. When it stalls have someone help you and check for spark.
  4. chargerxr

    We just picked up another Mark 98 CE

    Awesome deal there Greg. I wish I had gotten to it first. Can't wait to see it in person.
  5. chargerxr

    Long time guys: Still have a mark. Needs new front struts... what the new hotness?

    Make sure you don't have a bad tire. A slipped belt will cause a lot of front end shake.
  6. chargerxr

    Here's my new Mar VIII

    Looks great Greg. Let me know when you get it here and we will check it out. I'm glad you're getting it. Tinted windows and your wheels off of your 96 will make it look sharp right away.
  7. chargerxr


    Most likely TPS sensor is going bad.
  8. chargerxr

    Any Advice Would Really Be Appreciated

    Hey Kirk, John and you other guys that have built these engines, did you key your cam gears to the cams? I know that Mo has told me before that he key's his to keep them from slipping under boost and high rpm's.
  9. chargerxr


    Wow that does suck John. I'm assuming this was not at high rpm at least.
  10. chargerxr

    Gen1 to Gen 2 front end clip swap

    It's actually very easy. I've done 2, and plan on doing another this summer. You'll need hood, bumper cover, grill, both fenders,header panel, cowl pieces, and inner fender shields from a 1st gen. Probably the biggest hassle is removing and welding the 1st gen hood latch to the 2nd gen. You will...
  11. chargerxr

    Swapping Out Engines / Have some questions.

    Greg, I think I would throw a battery in it and start it first. Obviously you can't run it too long without a belt to turn the water pump, but at least you would can hear it run. The only problem with that is the fuel system is probably varnished up, but I would try anyway.
  12. chargerxr

    For Sale 1995 Chameleon Blue Mark VIII 80,000 miles

    No, I've decided in the last few days to keep this one. I sold a black 93 I had been driving, so as of now this will my dd for awhile. Getting ready to cross gen another 98 soon.
  13. chargerxr

    Im looking to buy a mark viii (but im in oklahoma)

    I've got a 95 chameleon blue for sale in the K.C. MO area. Look in the cars for sale section.
  14. chargerxr

    For Sale 1995 Chameleon Blue Mark VIII 80,000 miles

    This car is still for sale also. Now has nice chrome factory 20 spokes, with 4 matching uniroyal tires, that have less than 3000 miles on them. Factory stereo is in it now, as well as stock headlight housings. 3.27 trac loc is still in it, as is custom exhaust for now. $3500
  15. chargerxr

    Bad Cat

    Yes, the base and lsc are the same manifold and cat. I've never used an aftermarket cat on a Mark VIII, but it would probably be just fine. If you have trouble finding one let me know, as I think I have several laying around at work.
  16. chargerxr

    Will the dash trim from a 93 fit a 95?

    The dash's are different from 93 to 95, but most all of the trim pieces are the same. I'm not understanding which piece you are talking about, but most of the trim is the same.
  17. chargerxr

    94 Lincoln Mark viii

    I think I have about 3 complete ones. I'll get some pics of them and contact you.
  18. chargerxr

    For Sale 1995 Chameleon Blue Mark VIII 80,000 miles

    I'm selling my 95 Chameleon Blue car. Gray interior. 80,780 miles, engine has 120,000. I bought the car without an engine, and put the engine out of my son's wrecked 93 in it. Car is on lowered coils, custom 2.5 in. exhaust with only the 2 front cats, crossover, and straight pipes out the back...