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  1. Jeffintampa

    1994mark 8 front air struts at 20.00each, diy

    Yea only three nuts on top and one on the bottom. Disconnect the air I converted to springs and never looked back.
  2. Jeffintampa

    19K mile 94 BoB

    what did he want for it?
  3. Jeffintampa


    My ABS light comes and goes also. I have cleaned them all sanded with like 800 sand paper till everthing shined and still get a light some times. well more times than not.
  4. Jeffintampa

    Frount end blues

    Well, I pulled the tire off jacked it up and indeed were the rod goes through the bracket in front, I was able to tighten the inside nut at least 3 complete turns, The tire doesn't move anymore. I went to rockauto and got new upper controls and the short little supports things for 155 shipped...
  5. Jeffintampa

    Frount end blues

    Yea, I has a shop put in the new bushings I was going to have them change lower control arms but they wanted like 350 a side to do it. 60.00 to change the bushings. I think the guy got pissed cause he couldn't do the whole job, and showed me that it was only one more bolt to change them. I...
  6. Jeffintampa

    Frount end blues

    Well, I have at some point in the last 12 years changed everything in my front suspension. It just doesn't drive like a Lincoln and has a pull when you hit the brakes. I watched a guy in my car go forward and back hitting the brakes and the passenger tire moves 2-3 inches front a back. It has...
  7. Jeffintampa

    Wanted Power antenna

    Need a Mark 8 power antenna
  8. Jeffintampa


    Thank you looking for the place to start
  9. Jeffintampa

    Radio.....In a quandry

    I had that once on mine there is like little tabs on it that wear down. I personally just bought another radio on eBay easy switch out lol. I wanted to keep stock. It could be the time to look at other decks, Best buy and most stores put them in pretty cheap
  10. Jeffintampa


    Well I reset it and takes a couple days but comes back on.
  11. Jeffintampa


    Secondary air injection incorrect up stream flow detected. Keep getting this Check engine any one know the fix
  12. Jeffintampa

    Craigslist finds

    1995 LINCOLN MARK VIII LSC 61,307 ORIGINAL MILES. ESTATE SALE. looks like a nice one
  13. Jeffintampa

    dont Know what its called

    Hey hey got a part number F3LE-9F826-DA
  14. Jeffintampa

    For Sale Many '93 -'96 body parts

    How about the seats?
  15. Jeffintampa

    dont Know what its called

    Kind of like this 1995 Lincoln Mark-VIII Fuel Injection Plenum Gasket (Victor Reinz)
  16. Jeffintampa

    dont Know what its called

    No, I am pretty sure its called a Air intake gasket or something like that. That one I assume goes under the intake manifold.
  17. Jeffintampa

    dont Know what its called

    the gasket between were the air goes in and the throttle body in the back. I took off everthing to clean in all out and my MAF. When I unscrewed it from the back that gasket (the one the bolt goes through) That one that goes between is all mis shaped and missing pieces. Cant find it on Rock auto...
  18. Jeffintampa

    were is the MAF

    Ok on a 96 its on the intake side of the air filter?
  19. Jeffintampa

    were is the MAF

    Hi I am getting a code that the book says dirty MAF. I bought some MAF cleaner but have no Idea were its at? Jeff