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    Considering Purchasing An 88' Coupe Deville 4.5

    Be prepared to shell out some cash for maintenance items. Bought a low mileage(97k) 1990 deville from Hawaii and have proceeded to spend twice what I paid for the car to replace all the factory parts the previous 2 owners neglected to do.
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    Lincoln rear suspension engineers hate us.....

    Dead thread revival, I used slim, extra long double ended ratcheting wrench, about 14” long with a 5degree ratchet action. If I had bought these in the first place it would have saved me 4 hours of swearing on the first side.
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    1997 Jack Nicklaus from Canada

    Hello! I’m Rod from Alberta, Canada. I am a third owner of a white Jack Nicklaus edition. I was looking for a loaded 90’s roadmaster, same gen fleetwood, or town car(preferred 1998-2001 style). I ended up settling for this car after making the widow cry and seeing the car in person. Her husband...