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    FAN cfm

    Is that the whole assembly or do you have part numbers for the electric motor as well?
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    Shocks Or Struts

    So leave the Sensatracks alone? Im looking to get some quality shocks for my car and having a garage put them in but I don't want to have them put in some BS and get charged for it.
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    I think I got screwed by a LS member :(

    I know I said I was also going to get that red kit but knowing that happened to you I'm going to my local yard to strip an LS for cores to send you first... thats rough that had to happen to you man but Im still in it for the work and when I'll send you the originals to help you out. I have...
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    Walmart LED's are the Dream!

    I thought the point of purchasing your car was to appreciate it and if wanted by the owner, make it their own? Not everything is for everybody as I've seen disparaging remarks on everything from chrome deletes to window deflectors. I mean if I were to make a show car the first thing I would...
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    Interest in Group Buy for !st Gen Shifter Boot Cover

    Ditto... seems the vinyl piece in my shifter wasn't set back in right after the headunit went in so its damaged... ill take it in black even though my interior is tan... im thinking about painting the wood pieces black to match.
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    P0420 - Weird Issue

    I'd go with the Eastern Cats. They have a direct fit for half what you are getting your magnaflows for just about anywhere you look.
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    P0420 - Weird Issue

    Yep, I'm in a similar issue, Cat was done in by the previous owner so I benched it to get the parts I needed to fix. Did the coils and didn't do the cat, lost a coil a few days ago to misfire. So I'd say take it i as a top down issue. Look at the Injectors, The Throttle Body, the IAC and the...
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    OEM Catalytic Converters Questions

    Hey Hite... Hows that Eastern running for you still. Its about time to get one sent in the mail and I've got my shop to put it on... just trying to see if its causing any problems before I jump on it.
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    Lincolnlogs hurt in car accident

    Damn... Ill hit em up and see how hes doing... I know he was getting his doll ready for the meet and was looking forward to it. Hope he still gets to run into you guys.
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    22lbs of Heroin in LS

    Actually... saliva tests are becoming more common than hair tests because of shampoos that can strip the thc from hair.
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    OEM Catalytic Converters Questions

    sorry for the double post...
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    OEM Catalytic Converters Questions

    My cats are about shot... Guy who had it before me drove it for close to 6 months with CEL before he stopped driving it and sold it to me. Haven't had the ability to take it off the car with little space in my garage for such things. Ill try the CataClene and see if it helps but odds are im...
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    OEM Catalytic Converters Questions

    Yeah, trying not to torture my muffler shop working on sizing and fitting my cat so Im going with a direct fit setup and right now Easterns and Walkers are pretty evenily priced on the internetz. Just looking for some reviews because you hear good and bad stories all over this site and half the...
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    OEM Catalytic Converters Questions

    Ok so question... how are those Eastern's working. Have to replace the drivers side here since I finally had the chance to checkdown the 0420 problem. O2 sensor was bad but the Cat was gone as well. Thunderbolts are out, What about Walkers?
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    Questions about DVD Navigation system.

    Check out ebay... no lie just found a refurbed kenwood excelon nav for 60% of retail. And yes that install tech needs to be sent back for remedial if thats his attitude on an install. This isnt that hard.
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    New round fogs. Opinions needed.

    I like... and its an idea for later down the road for me but looks good
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    P420 and 421

    If the engines tricked into throwing more fuel than necessary because its not getting the right exhaust readings from the cat that pops up... had to replace my sensors recently because of that.. and thank god it wasn't the cats
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    P420 and 421

    That p0420 can also be the O2 sensor as well... the downstream one to be specific...
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    My 1st Gen LS Project "thre3N9NE" (due, August 2013) + PICTURES!

    Still sitting on those window flares?
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    What was everyone's first car?

    1994 Mercury Cougar Xr7 1996 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC 1997 Mistubishi Eclipse