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    Wanted: MK8 Light Control Module

    After putting in a new battery in my 95 Mark VIII at first the 4 ways wouldn't stop blinking. After disconnect and reconnecting battery the headlights stay on. A good friend told me it was the light control module behind the glove box. I need one.
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    I haven't been on for months AGE and Health problems. Need Help

    My Lincoln Mark VIII sits a whole helluva lot. The battery run down. Completely down. Battery still had 27 days in warranty. Put new battery in. Car started right up. HOWEVER the 4 ways started flashing and won't quit. Now will that go away and reboot if I take the car for a ride. I'm on a...
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    95 Mark VIII Headlights suddenly flashing

    I haven't been on for ages. I've been sick with 2 diff operations. I'm 77 not a young ThunderChicken or CurbJumper like most of you. I have a 95 Mark 46,000 miles on here. Since being sick I haven't driven it for over a year. I start it every few weeks in the garage. I was so sick a while back I...
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    Where do I go on here exactly to ask a question from the members?

    Where do I go on here exactly to ask a question from the members?
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    Hoses and Belts

    In 2007 I put all new Hoses and Belt on my 95 Mark V111 it has only 46,000 miles on her now. I've really been sick the last several years and drove my PU mostly. I had a complete knee replacement operation with complications and getting in and out was really hard. I have only put 6000+ miles on...
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    new member check it out!!!

    Oh my neck
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    new member check it out!!!

    Beautiful but I like original wheels OMO Thanks
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    Buzzing from my speakers

    That's an amp going bad.. I just had to replace mine about 2 mons ago. Got one from Bruce Budnick . Now what is this about Crutchfield having a Mark radio replacement? Bruce's email address is
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    How's your feelings on Trump
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    Really, this is Mark VIII related.

    Waterville,Ohio ???
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    Driver's side plate for window switches

    Does anyone have an Ivory driver's side window switch plate. I'm on a walker with health problems and a dip**** mechanic "gouged" the hell out of mine putting in a window motor gear. The service manager painted mine to smooth it out but it looks like S***. 1995 Mark VIII. Paint code says ZQ. Thanks
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    Gas Cap cover

    My gas cap cover has quit working,,I just use the trunk manual,,,someone said to WD40 or contact cleaner on solenoid,,is it where the cap is or inside trunk covering where manual handle is. If it's the door switch does that pop out? Help OOPS just put this in wrong place.
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    95 MARK VIII left window regulator

    A lodge brother helped me with putting the gear in. And I thank you so much for offering to help. Another problem,,,the egg shaped thing that the window switches are in how can I tell what color my interior is. I'm gonna need that. Mine's all gouged up. My interior is like egg shell white but if...
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    Do I dare?

    Sorry I can't help you. Laid up with some health problems right now. Where is Tampa-ish I'm in Riverview. 95 MarkVIII 46,000+. Sunday drive car. Maybe me,,you,,Great 8 can meet up sometimes for coffee,,,AFTER I'm of pain meds and medical problems.
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    95 MARK VIII left window regulator

    Thanks all of you
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    95 MARK VIII left window regulator

    Thanks. What's really odd "suddenly" today it started working. BUT still sounds ODD. I picked up the nylon gear kit at Advance and friend is going to help me take off the skin and repair it anyway. I'm having a very hard time,,,after having a complete knee operation. I'm on a Walker. What's with...
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    95 MARK VIII left window regulator

    Thanks So Much. Bet it's getting cold in SD? Always wanted to travel out there.
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    Picture of my Mark

    Step by step tell me how to take a picture of my Mark from my FB page to LvsC. Thank You
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    95 MARK VIII left window regulator

    I can hear the motor running. A garage guy told me there's a "gear kit" for that and that's probably what it is. He says they are only plastic. PS How do you put pictures on here?