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    2000 Continental - Suspension Rides High

    Thank you. I will get a hold of one and give it a try.
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    2000 Continental - Suspension Rides High

    Hello friends, My Continental is riding very high, evenly on all wheels (there is a big gap between the wheels and the fenders. It looks like an SUV ! ). I changed the level sensors in the back but the situation did not change. There is no check-engine light warning. The air springs in...
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    2000 Continental door panel removal

    Lift it a little to disengage it at the window sill, and then pull away very hard. There are several push pins holding it in place after you remove the screws. They are very strong, they won't brake. Start pulling at the bottom. You may want to use a tool to locate the pins at the bottom and...
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    2000 continental stereo removal

    Thank you. My car has the Alpine radio. It seems to have the two holes only on the right side.
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    Cabin air filter

    Can a cabin air filter be installed in a later model (2003 and up) Town Car ? Thank you.
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    2000 continental stereo removal

    Can someone tell me how to remove the stereo ? I see two small slots on the right side, but I don't know how to use them. Thank you.
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    2000 Town Car headliner removal

    I started to remove the headliner but I realized that it is glued to the metal. 1) What is a practical way to remove it ? 2) Do I need to glue it back ? If so, What kind of adhesive should I use ? Thank you.
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    2000 continental headliner removal

    I have removed all trimming and accesories from the headliner but it seems to be glued to the metal frame. 1) Does anyone know how to remove it ? 2) Do I have to insert a blade and cut the glue 3) And after that, can I remove it through a door ? 4) Do I have to glue it back upon...
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    2000 continental radio removal

    How do I remove the radio on a 2000 continental? It has the premium sound system. The display is not working and i am hopping I can fix it.
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    2000 Continenetal Head Removal

    I have an immaculate 2000 Continental with a burned valve (= no cylinder compression). Can the head near the front be removed without removing the engine from the bay ? How much can I expect to sell it for in that condition ? Thank you for any advice.
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    2000 Continental Low Compressiom Engine

    This is a 32 valve engine and has 110k miles. The compression is as follows: #1 to #4: 185 psi #5: 130 #6: 110 #7: 130 #8: 185 Does this sound like a blown gasket ? How can I distinguish it from a valve or ring problem ? I have always used...
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    2000 Continental Engine Compatibility

    Does a 2002 engine fit a 2000 Continental?. The dealer has different part numbers for the two years. Is it a matter of sensors only? Thank you
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    2000 Continental "hesitation" problem.

    I have the following problem: With engine hot, when I slow down to about 25mph and then gently accelerate while the transmission is still in O.D. (or 3th gear?), the engine starts to "missfire" or pull very "jerkily". This happens specially when going uphill. The mechanic changed sparkplugs...
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    2000 Continental alignment question.

    The inside edge of my front tires is wearing excessively, although the dealer aligned it about a year ago. Is this a common problen on these cars, or does it just need a new alignment ? I keep the pressure at 30 psi. Thank you.
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    2000 Continental door panel removal

    Does anybody know how to remove a front door interior panel ?. I have removed the 5 crews (two in the door handle, two at the bottom under the map pocket, and one on the side) but I still cannot remove it. Are there push pins to be removed ?. I will appreciate any hints.
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    2000 Continental Water Leak

    Hi All, Water seems to enter the cabin through the bottom of the door panels every time it rains. Does anyone have this problem ? Thank you