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    What's this tank attached to my oil pan?

    Oh my god. Im in the floor lasughing. I cant even type.
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    Polished aluminum hood on the Mark

    Copper tinted clear coat?
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    Vortech and 99/01 Cobra engine

    Correct, but all c heads have the 4 thread heads and all the original equipment 03/04 heads did too. 05 Aviators came with the updated heads from the factory. But they also flow better than the C heads, have better exhaust ports and essentially a fr500 intake port. Plus they come on more than...
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    Vortech and 99/01 Cobra engine

    Then why would you get 99/01 C heads and not 9 thread 03/04's.
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    Vortech and 99/01 Cobra engine

    What are these other options present for C heads that are not for B heads.
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    need 96 heads

    It does but I have never heard of them blowing out. It would be an easy fix though. As you could prob weld some brackets over them to keep them from blowing out. So you have a gen 1 with some C heads, and a b cobra intake. I understand the looks part but it would prob be easier to just use a...
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    need 96 heads Well I thought there was. But those were just cobra lids on navi lowers for 5.4 swaps. But at the end of the thread. Na svt is making one now. Says he needs a Guinea pig.
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    need 96 heads

    Well the thing to do is just make the cobra top fit a c head lower. I have seen that done. And would be alot easier.
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    need 96 heads

    Well the cobra intake combines the ports in the runner up in the intake. You could build an adapeter no doubt. But the only problem would be getting the injector bungs perfect.
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    need 96 heads

    What we need to see is the ports on a gen2 intake or a cobra for that matter. I know it combines the split ports some how.
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    need 96 heads

    Well damn thats why I would want them. Might be worth trying to find some just to see if it actually might work, or if it could take a little bit of modification to get them to fit a B head Cobra intake on C heads. I have been looking for a pic but nothing so far.
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    need 96 heads

    What is this that you speak of. A C head to B intake adapter? From the factory and sitting on what I would presume to be 99 and up Conti's? That would be awesome.
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    who is running nitrous?

    Have you ever had nitrous, or a blower for that matter? Or are you just bad mouthing cause everybody else does? Nitrous wont blow your :q:q:q:q up, you will.
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    Found some '03-'04 Cobra cams

    Lift is not really what you need in 4 valves. Duration is much more important. Fr500 high lifts in a mark would not be a good combo.
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    Shut off at 50 and won't start again.

    First thing to check is for spark and pulse.
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    build up of my 95 mark viii

    Everything looks great. Dont let these Nancys around here run you off.
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    Any ideas to keep the amplifier cool?

    Just turn it off. On a serious note, you should see hot it gets and then if you go through with a cooling apparatus see how much cooler it gets.
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    Replacing internal fuel pump w/an external fuel pump

    Uh you would have to still drop the tank and take the old pump out. Inline pumps also have to be gravity fed. Which sounds easy untill you try to mount them. You can get the pump out without completely dropping the tank any way. Just get a new pump/
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    Tons of Gen2 Sleepy Hollow Pics...anyone have more modified gen 2 photos?

    Need more pics of the spoiler on the black car.