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  1. 04charcoal

    Transmission. Q and A

    Would a pcm from an '05 work for my '04. Just got access to an '05 parts car and the transmission was working flawlessly before the rear end seized on him.
  2. 04charcoal

    Transmission. Q and A

    Update: so after 5 weeks of labour and $2000 in parts later the guys at Mr transmission can't solve the problem. It sound like they threw everything they had at it from complete rebuild of the transmission (several times) to being check out by electrical specialists even spent a few days at a...
  3. 04charcoal

    Transmission. Q and A

    Sorry I should've gave more info into what the tech said. Apparently they had to completely disassemble the transmission to find out what was the problem was, which I wanted. I was at work on my cell when I got the call and didn't really get all that he was saying, but he did mention about the...
  4. 04charcoal

    Transmission. Q and A

    So my car is a '04 V6 with about 180,000 km (112000 miles) I recently started having shifting issues (hard shift into 2nd and slipping into 3rd). So I took it to local Mr.Transmission referred by my mechanic and they said it needed to be rebuilt. Before I spend the $3k to rebuild it i just...
  5. 04charcoal

    Coolant leak in middle of car

    So as the title suggests I have a coolant leak around the middle of the car, well its four drip marks as you can see from the pic Any idea what this could be? The car is a 04 LS V6
  6. 04charcoal

    auxiliary input for 2006 lincoln ls

    It would be nice to read a thread that when a question is asked that someone would give an answer, instead of comment after comment telling people to search
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    Issues with DATC

    I have the same problem on my 04 V6 and ford quoted me 7 hours labour! Ouch
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    A/C fan stuck on high and unable to turn off

    I know this is a old thread, but I just started to have the same symptoms with my blower fan and would be interested in how and or if the problem was solved. Thanks
  9. 04charcoal

    Loose driver seat backrest

    Could I use Gen 1 seatbacks or are they Gen 2 specific? Also, could I use the passenger seat back? I assume all the ones I'm gonna find at the scrap yard are gonna be in the same condition
  10. 04charcoal

    Loose driver seat backrest

    Really, that sucks! Any idea what the cost of that would be?
  11. 04charcoal

    Loose driver seat backrest

    I've Searched this and can't find anything. Please help! As the title says my driver seat backrest is loose and can be moved about 2" back and forth. I've taken the back panel off and removed the leather to see if there was some kind of adjustment screw or something that was loose but...
  12. 04charcoal

    Water leak

    Thanks for the quick reply guys. I'll have to remove the headliner this weekend and check it out. Sent from my LG-P999 using Tapatalk 2
  13. 04charcoal

    Water leak

    So it rained pretty hard today and it started leaking inside the car. It was leaking from the headliner where it meets the a piller trim on both sides. Any idea how to stop this, or is it time for a new seal for the sunroof. Thanks Sent from my LG-P999 using Tapatalk 2
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    Lincoln Ls STAGGERED and SLAMMED???

    I'm not sure what happened here but we have one Guy saying hey look at how much my rims cost what do you think. Then we have another guy saying your stupid for doing that and posting a pic of all his cars with him standing there with a 12 year old hair cut. Everybody needs to grow up.
  15. 04charcoal

    coils, 2000 v6

    not sure if you replaced the valve cover gasket yet but the v6's aren't known to be bad like the v8's. I found some oil on my VC when i replaced my coils about 2 months ago and i did a little bit research and found out that there are 2 intake manifold tuning valve that are known to leak on the...
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    Has anybody had this code come up and had no performance issues. All I could find out about this is that people were having performance problems on the highway and were changing the catalytics. Any info or insight would be great.
  17. 04charcoal

    What ignition coils are the best???

    just installed ebay coils in my 04 LS6 all 6 for $80 with lifetime warranty. I know,I couldn't help the deal. The stealarship replaced 1 last year for $120 just the coil. but I did use motorcraft platinum plugs. one week in and runs like new
  18. 04charcoal

    smoke in cabin

    Update Finally got my coils in the mail ( cheap ebay ones ) $80 for all 6 with lifetime warranty, so what the hell. went to my trusted local shop and told him about the thread I found on here about the I.M.T.V. seals being a problem on the 3.0L V6. Sure enough both seals were leaking right on...
  19. 04charcoal

    smoke in cabin

    just did a quick search and it seems to be a common issue with what is called the intake manifold tuning valves there are 2 and that the o-rings need to be replaced
  20. 04charcoal

    smoke in cabin

    I have been having problems with heated seats lately and I did turn them on maybe it came from there. I really dont know.