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    humming noise after replacing the alternator

    Obviously your motor is overheating. 1 is for sure your cooling system is shot. either you have a leaking system or air in the system. Another is waterpump is shot.
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    New member from central Wisconsin

    That is good to know... Welcome to the forum Austin!
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    cobra wheel and hub swap help needed

    Obviously chris2523 has shared a very informative link for your use. I had the same problem fitting an American Racing rims that has the same spec with your cobra. Chris also helped me out on how to fit it perfectly.
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    Weird Paint question

    Weird to see some oem paint to have such defect. May be its in oem paint but resprayed with a new top coat.
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    The Newest Addition to my Fleet! (not a caddy :( )

    Congrats! Looks pretty clean and prestige condition...
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    Drivers brake line. Removal??

    Trace the cause of no brake pressure, but I assume is a leaking hydorvac or a leaking brake hose some where.
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    What did you do to your Mark VIII today?

    Washed (2 bucket) polished and sealed including the rims.
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    swap viii air ride computer into 92 vii lsc?

    I agree it has a totally different system, even customizing it would be worth it.
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    loud clicking noise in my 97 Town Car??? what is it??

    The clicking noise may be coming for the relay. Ignition/ starter relay.
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    Turbo Mark VII Time

    Just curious what is the max boost you can use safely with a stock 302 internals?
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    my 2003 retro TBird

    That is one clean ride you have there.... Thumbs up!
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    Turbo Mark VII Time

    That is one huge snail you have there. Will you be running with oem internals?
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    pics of new rims

    That is one sick rims you have there. What are its spec if I may ask?
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    4.6 2V Swap Progress

    Wow... very clean and neat! Good job with it! By the way what brand of radiator are you using? Its all made aluminium right?
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    chrome rims issue 2007 MKZ

    I agree the cheapest way to cover or repair for the meantime is plasti dip. I had rims painted with it and looks great but durability is not that tough.
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    chrome rims issue 2007 MKZ

    Well have you tried check online or salvage yard for pricing? For that price I would settle with aftermarket wheels.
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    Just new

    Thanks eots44 for the welcome!
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    Cooling fans

    It could be busted thermos-witch sensor that is why its not working automatically.
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    Just new

    Hello folks, I'm just new here. My name is Conrad and I own a Cadillac. I'm from Ohio by the way.