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    Im still alive and Got a NEW MARK

    NICE!!!! Love the tri-coats my 95's the same color.BTW where can i get a 3500 stall from?
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    Installed the walboro255 from JD's performance today on my 95Mark it went pretty smooth. Took all of about five hours i dropped the exhaust and the tank completely,also took off the rear wheels, more room.The pump stabilizer(the rubber boot)was a little tight i had to pinch the clamp closed...
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    Gen 1 Headlight Project w/ HID install

    Excellent job Blue you knocked it out the park! Be doing that to my 95 fo sho! Not to be a hijacker but props to Jamie97lsc for parts HE DA MAN!
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    recall notice

    Kool just received my safety recall notice from Ford about the Speed Control Deactivation Switch(SCDS). It says that SCDS poses a risk of an underhood fire if it leaks and this condition may occur when the vehicle is parked or when it is being operated,even if the speed control is not in...
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    RIP Raymond Joseph Urso II - AKA 1WykdMK8

    Wow I never met Ray personally but he did point me in the right direction here more than a few times,and i know he helped alot of folks here on this forum.Im in Cali. been sick with the flu all week. Gonna mis you Bro. R.I.P Ray You have my prayers Erica and family. Javier
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    WTB: 97-98 IMRC's and controller

    not sure what something like this would go for? but i need them.
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    IMRCs help!

    want to do a cobra intake swap i read that need the cobra imrcs or just use deletes?
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    IMRCs help!

    Thanks guys so i guess im now looking for 97 mark imrcs and controller. What about deleting them will i be smog legal still?
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    IMRCs help!

    95 mark. i've read they're the same also
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    IMRCs help!

    What is a fair price to pay for imrcs and controller off of a 96 cobra? Is there anything that ishould be looking for before ibuy them?, im getting parts together for a cobra intake swap. thanx
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    IMRC's and controller

    Anyone know what a fair price would be for 96 imrcs and controller? thanx!
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    cobra calipers

    Whats up guys will 96-04 cobra brake calipers bolt upto my 95mark? just say yes! just kidding!
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    99 navigator

    yeah checked battery and alt. and went on to troubleshoot. NOt sure what they did as far as that. thanx for your replies fellas.
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    99 navigator

    hey errbody of friend of mine has a prob. with his battery dying overnight when he parks it. he's had it cheked at a shop and they couldnt find anything after a 50.00 inspection fee . so i told him i would ask the experts ,so here i am. anyone ever experiance this? any input is appreciated...
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    Prayers requested.

    Keep the Faith bro. you have my prayers!
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    winter upgrades

    Alright, i just ordered a walboro fuel pump, now im not sure what regularor to go with,kirban or aeromotive? I really like how the aeromotive piece looks and i have a part# for the kirban but not the aero. anybody have any suggestions and/or input,part#s? thanx:cool:
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    Looking for Mark VIII Repair San Francisco

    dont know about s.f. area but im down in so. bay area san jose. quite a few places i know of. what you trying to get done?
  18. 1994 LincolnMark8

    1994 LincolnMark8

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    maf,eec-v swap

    the plug for the maf on my 94 mark is differentthan the one from a 96 stang,is there an adapter or something that ineed,i also have the eec, can iuse it or do i need to change injectors?:confused: :confused: :confused: thanx.
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    coil packs

    thanx wykd 1 how bout shootn me some info on your lowering kit too.we do alot of cruisin n parkin out in 408!