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  1. Randeaux

    The Town Car vs. The Fleetwood (90's style)

    Y'all should know better than to ask me, OF COURSE I'M GOING TO BE BIASED!!!!!!!!!!! :N (Look at my signature line.........) :Beer (Fleetwood does look good too though, what can I say, I'm Bi-------Partisan, that is...) :Beer
  2. Randeaux

    KittyPorn is Bad

    Ahhhhhh Yeahhhh! Git It, Git It< To Th" Left Now <don"t Scrape!<ah Yeah Baby! ;)
  3. Randeaux

    Mespock, how's the new car?

    OHMIGOD! Have I been gone THAT long?!?
  4. Randeaux

    T.V. rots your brains.

    1)Trauma: life in the E/R*/Critical Hour*(not comedy but I love these shows!) 2)Cops 3)Tom & Jerry 4)Judge Judy/Mathis/Texas Justice 5)(tie) Saturday night live/ Walker, Texas Ranger What can I say? I love great comedies!
  5. Randeaux

    You Know You Grew Up In The 80's or Early 90's If:

    #69 Dude! (if you're from then, you'll understand...) #70: Chuck Taylor, meant more than a newsanchor's Pseudonym. #71: The word "ANTHRAX" didn't send the fear of God into you... #72:Everytime you see a movie starring Morgan Freeman you get the irristible urge to start singing...
  6. Randeaux

    Off Roading Is No Problem

    Looks cleaner w/o front plate.(* Not needed here in GA, either.)
  7. Randeaux

    Come to the Chat Room LvC!!!

    I would if this STUPID computer would let me have access!
  8. Randeaux

    Hello Everyone , Im Joe

    HELLO JOE! :W! Hope you enjoy the site! We're an eclectic bunch around here, feel free to speak your mind.(Believe me EVERYONE around here does . :) ) :W again and hope to hear more from you!
  9. Randeaux

    Three Questions.

    ROFL! :Beer
  10. Randeaux

    El Camino/Ranchero: Car with a bed, or a very very low truck

    Actually, the Ford Grand Torino Elite came about in mid-1974 for 1975, as Ford's answer to the Chevy Monte Carlo/Pontiac Grand Prix personal luxury coupes. You see, GM Re-bodied their intermediate cars in 1973, and the Grand Prix/Monte Carlos were selling like wildfire at that time.(even with...
  11. Randeaux

    Tough times, tough cars

    Also when you think of it: 1978-87 Olds Cutlass/Pontiac Grand Prix/Buick Regal/Chevy Monte Carlo: 1977-1985 all GM Full-size : 1982-96 Olds Ciera/Chevy Celebrity/Buick Century/Pontiac 6000..... When HAVEN'T you seen at least one of the above mentioned cars lately?
  12. Randeaux

    Tough times, tough cars

    :I :I :I Ford Tempo/Mercury Topaz (1988-'94) Ford Escort/Mercury Tracer('90's models only) Chevy Cavalier(1988-94) ANY Toyota Corolla(I know, but you can't kill one no matter what you do!) (They're like Cockroaches, you know!) Oh Yeah! any of the 1980-85 Subarus are...
  13. Randeaux

    Where are you?

    Don't you HATE that really cheap($2.79) sub-generic peanut butter that comes in a coffee can and has the consistancy of the contents of a 10 year old sandbox (not to mention the taste of it too)? :eek2: Oh yeah! I also really like the peanut butter on the Nutter Butter :shifty: :p (that name...
  14. Randeaux

    Attention all lefties.

  15. Randeaux

    Where are you?

    I myself don't care much for jelly, but a Peanut Butter/ Marshmellow Creme sandwich would really hit the spot right now, BTW< (for those who don't know already...I"M A LIBERTARIAN.......) P.S. JIF X-tra crunchy is da booooooomb! :N
  16. Randeaux

    The Apprentice...Street Smarts vs Book Smarts

    :I NO LIE! :I
  17. Randeaux

    ONLY in Canada....

    Oh Joy! Just what I always wanted..... a portable bus bench!
  18. Randeaux

    El Camino/Ranchero: Car with a bed, or a very very low truck

    To clarify, the('65-'87) Elky(El Camino) is based on the Malibu/Chevelle Wagon , underpinnings, and all: and the Ranchero was based on (pending the year of the model) the full-size Ford Wagon('57-'59), the Falcon wagon('60-'67{?}), the Torino wagon ('68-'79)* (*consequently the '77-'79 LTD II...
  19. Randeaux

    Kasey Kasem Loses his cool BIG TIME

    Y'all do know this happened about 20 years ago? Negativland sampled the hell out of this cut 14 years ago on "The Letter U and The Numeral 2" for which they were actually sued by the band U-2 for using the lyrics of the song " I still haven't found what I'm looking for." without their...
  20. Randeaux

    The New Watercooler

    That's a "cooler" I can live with! Especially with the Heiney !