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  1. myfirstlincoln

    Moving on

    I didn't post on here after I wrecked my LS in the beginning of February for exactly this reason. I would still have it had it not been totaled in an accident, but I switched to a 2012 CTS coupe and am happy I did. I always enjoyed and have been thankful for the support I've received on this...
  2. myfirstlincoln

    Before it all goes up on Ebay

    Update I removed the wheels and even the wheel which was hit looks fine. The plastidip was damaged but obviously is peeling off. There are no other signs of damage although I cannot guarantee it is straight unless I would take it somewhere. This will be my last update/bump before all of it...
  3. myfirstlincoln

    Before it all goes up on Ebay

    I think Big Rig is right in the fact that Torrie's tunes cannot be changed. However, the tuner does provide the option to adjust certain things. I simply uploaded Torrie's tunes to the car so I never actually played around with it to see what I could really do. I'm sure the SCT people could...
  4. myfirstlincoln

    Before it all goes up on Ebay

    As I said in my other thread, I recently totaled my car and have several parts that I am looking to sell - MAKE ME AN OFFER AND IT WILL DEFINITELY BE CONSIDERED SINCE I HAVE NO USE FOR THIS STUFF. The links I've included aren't my links - just to show the product. 1. SCT 4 - I flashed my...
  5. myfirstlincoln

    Windshield replaced under insurance, now the cowl cover doesn't fit and growls

    Unfortunately the quality of Safelite's glass and employees seems to be lacking. A rock cracked my windshield a couple years ago so they came out to my place of work and installed a new one. The whole windshield was weird and not properly installed at the bottom - it never seated and seemed to...
  6. myfirstlincoln

    Odd Sound After Suspension Work I had the tire off and visually inspected and all seemed pretty normal. I checked the back of the rim to see if anything was rubbing (and since its plastidipped I figured I would see where it was rubbing/peeling). I checked the brake shield and it wasn't bent or teaching the rotor...
  7. myfirstlincoln

    Odd Sound After Suspension Work

    That's what I figured he meant - thanks for the illustration! Unfortunately it's pouring here so it looks like it'll have to wait until tomorrow.
  8. myfirstlincoln

    Odd Sound After Suspension Work

    THANKS GUYS! I'll check it out today. I was planning on taking the wheel off to ensure they mounted the wheel properly because the Jags I have do require some close attention. I just hope they didn't torque my lugs stupid tight - I've personally had the wheels on and off 50ish times since...
  9. myfirstlincoln

    Odd Sound After Suspension Work

    Just recently had the front LCAs replaced with Moog ones as well as the lower ball joints - they removed the old ball joints from the knuckle and pressed in new Moog ball joints. After getting the car back, I've noticed a noise in the front ehelnd which seems to be coming from the driver's side...
  10. myfirstlincoln

    Antifreeze leaking

    When the bottle gets hot, the cracks expand - hence the leak. When the bottle is cool, it's not uncommon to not be able to see any of the cracks.
  11. myfirstlincoln

    Antifreeze leaking

    From your degas bottle.
  12. myfirstlincoln

    04 lincoln ls v8 3.9 part out

    Front drivers seat color? Condition? Perforated? 8 way? Memory?
  13. myfirstlincoln

    another ball joint thread

    Thread jack - is replacing the rear lower ball joints basically the same as replacing the front lower ball joints? I just had the fronts replaced at a dealer. They said they had to remove the knuckle and had a hell of a time getting the old ball joints out and then pressed in the new Moog ones.
  14. myfirstlincoln

    Swapping driver/passenger leather

    Good luck - I've been looking for a new tan leather bottom for my 2003 for over a year since I have a pretty big rip. Seems damn near impossible to find. I've wanted to take it to a place that specializes in interiors but it always get's bumped to the bottom of the list of things to do.
  15. myfirstlincoln

    Lincoln ls V8 performance upgrades

    Not to be a jerk, but you gotta actually spend some time searching. The K&N FIPK doesn't require any mods to the MAF. Even with very little knowledge of cars, it's a pretty simple install. You may need to clean the MAF a bit more, but that's about it. I use CRC MAF cleaner and have never had...
  16. myfirstlincoln

    Lincoln ls V8 performance upgrades

    Exhaust, cold air intake even though it's not necessarily cold air, SCT tuner. Search this site for a few hours and you'll find all the information you need as this has been covered mannnnyyyyyyy times. If you have a gen II, most people go with: K&N FIPK...
  17. myfirstlincoln

    Sway bar bushings

    search - this has been covered nearly as many times as coils. You can use energy suspension bushings and if you go Ford I believe you have to buy the entire bar as the bushings are not serviceable. I believe there is a difference between first gen and second gen sway bars but you don't list your...
  18. myfirstlincoln

    LS is a Jalopnik "best getaway car for $5,000"

    According to the site, the LS is "right wheel drive" ........
  19. myfirstlincoln

    What did you do to your LS today?

    Nice work G-Rell. Looks awesome!
  20. myfirstlincoln

    Why do the V8 coils fail? A few thoughts...

    I know everyone complains about coils and maybe I am the exception, but I've averaged over 50,000 miles on a set of coils before even one of them started failing. In fact, I bought the car at about 40,000 miles and didn't have any coil issues until about 100,000 miles. Yes, Motorcraft coils...