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  1. ImportEater

    Engine question

    if you take the oil cap off and look to see if the rockers move, while somebody else cranks it over.. then you will know if your timing chain is broken
  2. ImportEater

    ever race one?

    my friend has one, i beat him a few times in a row. im ahead about 2 car lengths when i hit second
  3. ImportEater

    ~~Windshield Decal????????

    keep it simple & i'll hardly charge you anything. i just wont cut geno's cobra stars i dont want to step on his toes
  4. ImportEater

    ~~Windshield Decal????????

    i make stickers and signs for a living. i have every color known to man. i think the frosted glass looks the classiest. anyways if any of you need something custom cut im the man. i re did the trunk lock with chrome on the inside. i may cut stripes to cover the nasty door trim but i havent...
  5. ImportEater

    Ahhh angry at person I bought car from,what options do I have?

    this happenned to me and i didnt want to pay the extra money at the dmv so i went home,i put a line through the other persons name and address, then i wrote mine underneath the line. i went to a currency exchange and handed it to the girl and that was the end of it. if they wont do it at one...
  6. ImportEater

    Anyone play with X-Mods?

    get him a kyosho mini z they smoke fully modded x mods in stock trim
  7. ImportEater

    IMRCs question

    cant you just remove the check engine light bulb before you get the car tested? id try it before messing with the engine
  8. ImportEater

    Rear Air Bags

    there is a kit at pepboys for airshocks it's 1/8'' line, a "T" and i schrader valve. its a $10 kit we used it on a camaro with air shocks. if our cars use 1/8 inch line you can use that. i believe its good to 250psi
  9. ImportEater

    Front end creak

    right front on mine started last night. i found i could make the squeaking go away by adjusting the volume on my stereo
  10. ImportEater

    Spring Project

    i dont understand how a mustang 8.8 lasts in our cars. i replaced 2 in my mustang.. doesnt anyone blow these up i know those 3 little clutches last about 10 one wheel wonders in a rustang
  11. ImportEater

    4.30 4.88 5.13

    all i know is he was driving normal, i floored it, when i got a car length ahead he floored it and flew passed me so fast.. man if i said he passed me instantly that would be an understatement.
  12. ImportEater

    tranny clunk?

    i was just reading about bushings on that "thunderbird site" and that was a symptom of the rear carrier bushing worn thru go check it out
  13. ImportEater

    4.30 4.88 5.13

    if i venture over 4.10 will something bad happen? i cant help but wonder why im about to buy a 4.30 with 4.56 4.88 and 5.13's in stock at summitracing... would 456 or 488 be out of the question? i have a 93 with a one pc shaft and i tend to lean toward the "go big or go home" theory.. ps...
  14. ImportEater

    Anyone have LINCOLN key blanks?

    i put carbon fiber over my fugly hardware store key
  15. ImportEater

    Proof for haters

    a stock junkyard 5.0 with jegs/kaase heads, a .500 lift cam and a carb made 500hp
  16. ImportEater

    ordered an electric water pump

    are you sure it is meant to stay on like that? i wanted one for my mustang and all the descriptions said for race use because they werent meantto shay on for long periods of time
  17. ImportEater

    Dash swap out

    i keep woundering how my black leather dash would look in my 93 mustang...
  18. ImportEater

    4.3gallons for 150 miles

    i get 12.9 u :q:q:q:qers must not drive correctly
  19. ImportEater

    Oil Filter

    the thing about fram filters is the flimsy plastic bypass valve lets unfiltered oil pass by. filters have that so they still flow when clogged
  20. ImportEater

    tubular k-member question

    i didnt see one on their site did i miss something. closest i saw was for a mustang