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    Anyone familiar with Autel

    use scanner for the price hands down it does as much or more then scanners that are thousands more....currently using ds708 but will be upgrading to the maxsys scanner next time around as it's in process to be j2534 programming capable with a pass through device
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    Rusty Brake Lines - 1st blow-out

    The next line will blow that runs along radiator's coated to a certain point then right after coating it rots and will.pop...Under $300 is pretty fair...I do.brakes lines all.the time...mostly anything gm/Chevy truck chassis 1999-2007
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    3rd cat clogged

    Same issue, cat was plugging up had cat removed added universal hpipe car had much more response
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    Is it worthwhile to clean the surface rust on used Cobra headers??

    There cast iron, cannot be seen from under hood....I'd just install
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    MK8 saves Cobra

    most wouldnt even know
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    For Sale parting out '97 Bob mark viii and a '98 mark viii bob both lsc

    not alot left of '97 mostly small odds and ends but pm if looking and ill see what I have '98 is complete but I am unable to ship anything I cant fit in a box and ship via postal service...will only part if there is enough demand parts pm is key
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    For Sale 2003-2004 mustang cobra stock exhaust manifolds

    as title says 2003-2004 mustang cobra factory exhaust manifolds in great shape bought years ago never used $75 plus $25 for shipping pm is key
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    worked as designed posted here cause I figured it would have sold in no time
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    $175 shipping included it's just collecting dust in glove box of my mark viii
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    Quick question about wheels

    That rim could probably be repaired. We have a shop near by that does wheel repair and almost looks flawless and it would be less then a new wheel
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    1's missing one of the pegs that hold the top to bottom but doesn't effect it's performance at all
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    Sorry but the time PayPal and us to Canadian exchange rate I wont walk away with anything near $150 Even at $175 shipped...I might get $125 in the end I'd try to sell locally but there is like 15 mark viii's north of the border lol
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    I have one I want to instructions worked when removed 2 years ago Figured I post it here want $175 plus shipping...I'd want $150 but the us to Canadian exchange rate is brutal for me and I just don't want to lose that is best as I don't come here anymore out of my...
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    brake problems..already

    Also verify sliders are moving freely
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    DLF's Car on Ebay

    almost $7500...see what next 3 days bring id pay that if my pockets were deeper, clean examples of mark viiis are a rare find, and one with some tasteful and high quality installed mods would be a bonus...strap a centri blower on it and have a awesome street car that you can take anywhere...
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    How much should I ask for the '96 D.A,?

    sounds like junk sell the desireable parts and scrap rest
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    New project (Barn yard find)

    use the gt harness slight modifications. ..only diff is 4v has a knock sensor 2v don't lots of info...any good mechanic can easily see what goes where and what needs to be modified