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  1. jahman12

    Recently killed my 01 LS on a deer. Who wants parts?

    Do you have the windshield wiper system rubber hoses? If so, what do you want for them?
  2. jahman12

    2002 lincoln ls v8 what is this?

    Yeah, that's about it. The controller I have you run the engine until the temperature comes up then you turn the knob counter clockwise until the fans turn on. Should be it.
  3. jahman12

    2002 lincoln ls v8 what is this?

    That appears to be the controller for the automatic temperature probe. It will turn the fan on at a preset temperature which is controlled by the knob you see. I installed one with my electric fan conversion to eliminate the need to have the fan always running.
  4. jahman12

    2000 2003 lincoln ls parting out

    Are the heads still available? If so, how much for them shipped to 92057.
  5. jahman12

    Wtb: '01 ls 3.9

    I am in need of a mechanically sound/working LS 3.9 engine. Anyone in southern California parting out an LS with a good engine?
  6. jahman12

    New lucky owner of a '01 LS V8

    Welcome to the forum. Looks like you found a solid one. You know its a crime to leave it stock...what's the first mod?
  7. jahman12

    Where is all my LS posse in CA

    Add me to list!
  8. jahman12

    Philips HIR2 9012 Standard Halogen Headlight Bulb

    Maybe a before and after time of comparison.
  9. jahman12

    Been gone for a while fellas...

    Definitely a nice color and good looking LS. Looks like its time to update the signature with a pic that will do her justice.
  10. jahman12

    Selling some stuff

    Sub box installed and sounds great. Thanks man!
  11. jahman12

    '02 LSE PARTS FOR SALE! - sort of...

    I hope its not. I am need of a few other parts besides the surround.
  12. jahman12

    Selling some stuff

    I know you are excited about your car being almost ready. Should make for a nice drive home.
  13. jahman12

    Mlara1129's C-List Finds
  14. jahman12

    '02 LSE PARTS FOR SALE! - sort of...

    I would be interested in the license plate surround.
  15. jahman12

    what does everyone think about the LS ? post manufacturing end

    I cannot imagine it fading away. There are still enthusiasts for other cars like Capri's, Sunbeam Tigers etc. When you consider the LS sharing chassis and engine components with Jaguar and the Thunderbird, it wont be long before the LS name is brought up. Especially if Lincoln does away with...
  16. jahman12

    Thank You For The Support Guys

    From the sounds of it, the next vehicle upgrade goes to you. If you are going in turn.
  17. jahman12

    New digs: Range Rover HSE Wheels

    Looking good! Something about black and chrome.
  18. jahman12

    5R55N for sale....

    There should be a set of numbers on the right side I believe. Can you post those numbers? I may be interested if yours matches.
  19. jahman12

    which coil boots are the correct boots for the V8?

    When I bought my coils from the eBay, the boots for my coils look like the boot in the first picture.