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    Any Recommended Transmission Shops in Southern California?

    I used Leon's Transmissions in Costa Mesa - they have 9 locations including LA area. Did nice work on my 2006 after another shop did a poor job.
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    I need two or one of these plastic nuts

    Part number might help you - 708656-S300 Push Pin
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    Suspension questions for modding

    Eibachs or Stance Coilovers
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    Jag STR Big Brake Pad

    Akebono makes good performance pads and low dust
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    Fuel Ventilation?

    My 2006 does this with higher fill rate gas pumps. When it happens put two fingers between the lip of the cars fuel fill tube and the vapor seal on the gas pump hose to allow a bit of venting. Basically it puts the black plasic spring area back slightly and solves the problem.
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    03 LS V8 What brand differential oil should we use

    I used Motorcraft xy-75w140-ql sae 75w-140 synthetic rear axle lubricant ordered from Amazon for around $35 a quart
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    Shimmy / Road Force Balance

    Well in the case of Grand Prix you would be incorrect as they where early adopters having a Hunter machine back in the early 90's (believe they still have it). I've watched their techs in the past RFB and as you state it does take time to do properly. Regardless, I dont disagree with the...
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    Shimmy / Road Force Balance

    Im simply stating what I've been told and the people at these shops - i.e. Grand Prix Performance - know what they are doing and have done it a very long time. I never said RFB doesn't have validity its simply the machines have been known to have reliability issues and there is an aspect of both...
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    Shimmy / Road Force Balance

    Well clearly vocabulary/grammar is not some "of the shit you can figure out"... Ingenuitive = (nonstandard) Possessing ingenuity; ingenious. As to the original topic I would add that many of the wheel speciality shops around me (the kind that deal with high end wheel tire combo's @ $10k+ on...
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    Wants to die when pressing gas

    Most suggest a 1.0mm Gap and you should always double check prior to install. Did this start right after the plug change or later? If right after did you possibly damage a COP or associated wire? When I did plugs I did the COP's at the same time.
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    Bleeding cooling system

    As far as raising the rear its optional but many believe helpful - I would say about a foot should do the trick. Most bleed 1 to 2 times - if you follow the procedure exactly once should do the trick. If you still have problems you should replace all the plastic parts and hoses with Motorcraft...
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    Bleeding cooling system

    Follow this
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    Aftermarket head unit questions, post some pictures of yours!

    I went with a Kenwood Excelon DDX9905S - paid $409 for it on eBay a couple of years ago. I used the "Metra 70-5521 Radio Wiring Harness for Ford 03-Up Amp" and "Metra 95-500S double DIN Installation Kit for 2000-2006 Lincoln LS" to mount up the head unit.
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    New tires

    I am currently running BF Goodrich G-Force Comp-2 A/S plus Tires. I recently replaced my worn DWS's with them simply because they were the best pricing via Costco. Good tire w/ positive review at Tire Rack (good place to go for specs and reviews).
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    New tires

    Excellent tire - one of my favorites Ive had on my LS