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    Need information on air ride

    This video should help.
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    airbag inflation

    I would pull the solenoid to deflate the bag. Get it to seat right again then reinstall the solenoid and air it up.
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    Temp fix for blend door? Push the grey arm the opposite direction of this article for cold air.
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    Help!! I'm freezing my tush off
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    air shocks o-rings
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    Eng cover

    '97s came with a small cover over the alternator
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    Abs wheel speed sensor

    I've never had a problem removing them with just my hands. There's only one bolt.
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    Really need a rear window seal

    The rear window gasket is bonded to the rear glass. If you want a new gasket, you need to get a new window.
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    Put in Morimoto Elite HID kit

    I've had mine for 5 years without problems and I use the auto headlamp feature too. Maybe you should take advantage of their lifetime warranty?
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    Put in Morimoto Elite HID kit

    But it either turns on, or it doesn't. I don't see the additional cost being worth it.
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    Put in Morimoto Elite HID kit

    My 35w DDM kit is way brighter than the stock bulbs were.
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    Put in Morimoto Elite HID kit

    What are the differences between the Morimoto kit and a DDM kit?
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    Put in Morimoto Elite HID kit

    Meh. Cheap kit or expensive kit, it either works or it doesn't. The DDM tuning kit sells for $30 with a lifetime warranty.
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    Radio Amplifier

    There are no shortcuts, it's very straight foreward.