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  • Hey there amigo. I thought that I was only resident guy living on rollers here. I have not been on the forum much this past year or so. Allow me to welcome you here and welcome you to the world of M8's. Although by the count of posts and mod activity I think I am the new guy on wheels here. :D

    I am a T-10 para do to an auto accident almost 10 years now. :tmi:
    May 19th, 1999... Had a crane at work break a boom hoist cable dropping a 3 & 1/2 ton steel lift barge cover about 20' down upon me followed by the the 9 ton crane boom, bounced me off the barge I was working on into the Mississippi River, got sucked under the fleet of barges & popped up at the tail of the fleet 4 & 1/2 minutes later. Bad day to be at work, that's about all I can say. T-11 paraplegic, neurologically a T-8 due to rods... I was an all around athlete prior, so I feel ya there. But after 13 years, the athlete in me is long gone. I find difficulties in finding things that work for me hdcp wise because I'm 6'7" & 315lbs+ (been a while since I've gotten on scales). :) But hang in there, it's a tough road to haul being paralyzed, but it does beat the alternative.
    Sure, why not. My car could use some TLC before that day though. I've gotta figure this fuel smell and studder out before I even think to race my own shadow. But yeah, sounds like fun. :)? Nice to meet ya.
    lol - it is so wild keying in your tag - the1andonlygr81 lolol, when I friended you, it said "Befriend the1andonlygr81" lollolol WE (me... lol) NEED MORE PICS!!!!!
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