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    For Sale LSE 2002 28000 + miles..........absolutely like rust, everything works, silver metallic/black interior. never seen rain or snow $25000.

    This ones been listed for months. Dreamers.
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    Lowering Springs

    I'm selling a set of Eibachs with 15k miles on them. Pm me if interested.
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    Official LS Picture Thread

    oops, you know what I meant lol. 19"
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    Official LS Picture Thread

    Tails were smoked, 19' black chrome wheels, front tires were 245/40-19, rear tires were 275/35-19, yes it was lowered on eibachs. Also had magnaflow cat back exhaust with black chrome tips, black chrome grille, angel eyes, gloss black roof + roof spoiler. Definitely did not make money off the...
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    Official LS Picture Thread

    You're probably not used to the paint color because this color was not available on the LS. This is a custom paint job. There was a charcoal beige color offered on the LS but it is way more beige and a lot less charcoal. The paint on this LS is a nissan/infiniti color and they call it gun...
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    Jaguar rims on ls

    Sometimes the photo bucket images don't come up so here are these. oh and here is how they look when you install the fronts (49mm offset) on the front and back. (you'd need 4 fronts for this look)
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    Jaguar rims on ls

    Here are some pics of the rears on my old car, but i wish i would have taken the car off the jack so you could really see how far the stick out when the car was on the ground. The specs are 19x9.5 with a 31mm offset.
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    Jaguar rims on ls

    Thats an excellent price but the fitment is not ideal. The rear offset is 31. They fit the calipers fine, the issue is the stick out really far. I know because I bought a set of these just to see how the looked. Ideally you'd want 4 fronts because the front offset is 49.
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    Swithed 06 Front Grill

    Not A Fan. Aside from the 06/LSE grille, the only other grilles I like are the 02 LSE grille, McLaren Grille, or any Factory LS grille painted gloss black with a color matched surround. IMO keep your 06 Grille and just paint the bars gloss black,
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    2004 Lincoln LS V8

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    Official LS Picture Thread

    Ben and Bigrig, the car sold this morning.
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    For Sale 2006 loaded 36k miles I strongly Stress that the price is OBO. Best offer by the end of August takes it.
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    For Sale Misc 2006 lincoln ls parts

    Majority of its on eBay now. Type seller:tknx in eBay search and it'll all come up. All prices are ObO. Submit any offers. Need this stuff gone.
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    Official LS Picture Thread

    Officially an ad will be posted by Wednesday night. And it'll be sold to the highest offer I get in the month of August because I need it gone by the end of the month.