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    '99 Lincoln Continental Refurbishment

    So I noticed a small oil leak coming from under the front section of the engine sub frame. Gonna do some more further investigation to see. I'll report back.
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    Thought I was already a member here....

    Welcome back to LVC! Cool collection of Lincoln's you have. Thank you for your service! -SVETS
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    Bought a 1995 STS from auction 1G6KY5294SU825001

    Perfect! What are your plans for the STS???
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    Always wanted a Lincoln

    Hi and Welcome to LVC! Very nice collection you have. We would love to hear more about your cars. Everyone is here to help if you were to get into a jam with luxury car gremlins. You'll love it here. Good Luck, -SVETS
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    Welcome to LVC! You'll love it here. Plenty of great people who love the Lincoln brand.
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    1998-02 Lincoln Continental Coolant change Procedure

    The bypass tube is the black tube with a screw cap that is located above the alternator. You have to fill the car with coolant through this tube above alternator, it will make sure the block and radiator are filled with coolant. If you fill just the reservoir with coolant the car will run hot...
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    Bought a 1995 STS from auction 1G6KY5294SU825001

    That is a beautiful car! It looks very clean and very well maintained. Good luck with it.
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    New Member from Philly Area

    Welcome to LVC! Great people and culture here. You'll definitely find what your looking for. You had some very cool Lincolns in the past and present I see.
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    New Member from Maryland!

    Welcome to LVC, Ashton! Great info and people on here.
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    New member from Colorado

    Welcome to LVC Roadster! This is a great site with amazing people ready to help and offer advice. -SVETS
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    Little Late to the party

    Hi and welcome to the LVC. Glad you can make it. As you can see you've already found good sources for help. :cool:
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    Official LS Picture Thread

    That is really cool!
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    Official LS Picture Thread

    You have done a magnificent job on your LS! It is superb! Job well done.
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    '99 Lincoln Continental Refurbishment

    I finally finished up the car, polishing out the paint and adding the ceramic coating. Down below is what I had used and the results. 1. Washed using the 2 bucket method. 2. While car was wet use a clay mitt to decontaminate the paint. 3. Polished out the paint by hand using Black Max Brite...
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    where to order a windshield washer button for 97 gen 2?

    Maybe these sources I have compiled over the years could be of some help to you: Quality Lincoln auto parts, service, cars at Lincoln Land, Inc. Classic cars and parts. Vintage Parts | OEM Parts for Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Boats and Industrial Equipment Main...