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  • I like the Taurus... especially the 2012 +. I say go for it! My cousin just bought a 2011 and he loves it. Are you looking at the SHO?
    Yeah i like the MKS and the ecoboost makes the ls look like a grandaddy. I bought a 03 in white. I dont know if i am going to keep it. I have been eyeballing a taurus.
    Man I love the MKS. This car is super fast and the ride is awesome. I can't compare the LS and the MKS though, they're just two different cars. The LS was great for its time but since the MKS is newer it just has a lot more to offer.

    What year/color is the LS you picked up?
    I actually sold my gray one a few months ago. I did pick up another last week that a guy didnt want. How do you like the MKS
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