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    gen 2 praire tan parts

    do you have the trim that goes around the pull handle for the factory sunroof or maybe` it's an insert? I don't know because mine is missing. Thanks, Mike
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    Just bought a 98 LSC Black on Black-rebuilding trans

    Baumann, Call Geno he's close enough to you and he can get the kit installed. Mike P.S. The octastar cap looks good on Ross's car.
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    97 lsc muffler replacement?

    Call Geno @ lms
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    Attn All Gold Members and ADMIN

    Oh Man, I know it's April Fools Day but that was rough, Gotta be a good good friend to joke like that. I know I do it with my friends all the time, we can really be a terrible lot sometimes.
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    gen 2 praire tan parts

    Did the car have a sunroof?
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    TPS vs IAC... WTF?!?!? REALLY?!?!?!?

    +1 Bad TPS does very wierd things
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    New Mark VIII LSC owner

    Well sometimes, like yesterday, I feel like Laser's black cloud drifted over to me here in NY. I'm hoping it passes today with the rain. It always gets around.
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    A white smoke problem and no acceleration / shaking

    I would really try to get it up in the air and look @ it from underneath check for trans fluid leak and be pulling 8 plugs to see if anybody looks wet and check your antifreeze level
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    He's probably putting the exhaust on my car right now and not on the computer, but I'll tell him about it tomorrow. I think you should check with him first. It is his.
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    Rear window seal gasket

    Jamie, please let us know how it works out, if you do it before me. Thanks, Mike
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    Rear window seal gasket

    That kit has been the first thing under auto parts for sale right here for a while now. I think I'll try it this spring, It's cheap enough.
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    Gen 2 LED Tail Light build for Sequential

    That's cool. Have you thought about putting a diffuser on the back of the red lense, something like a waxed paper transparency, it may take away some of the harshness of the brake light and blend all of the lights together in a softer light. Just an idea, since you went this far. Lot of thought...
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    Exhaust sound clip.

    That's only gotta sound good to you, If you like it and the passengers don't they can walk or use there own car. But you might need a light on that camera. Can't wait for my car to come back with some new LMS exhaust on it this week
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    Owner's Manual Wanted

    You could check ebay, there usually on there