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    Throttle Body/PCM

    . How do you know it is ETC failsafe? What warning light are you getting? when i bought this car it had no warning lights. drove around short distances (no more than 12 miles) running my errands in the city. all good was my new beauty. then 25 miles out of city last gas station engine light...
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    Throttle Body/PCM

    I have tried everything before initial PCM gut feeling. My new to mee 2005 ls v6 made it an 40 miles before shuddering horribly and eventually limp mode. 1am alone on mt pass i slept w dog and shuddereds another 25 miles home. Handling gingerly helped but ultimately: wiper cowl>water on...
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    Etc engine fail safe mode

    what happened? that happened to me v6 tho and i am now replacing pcm . dealer said it wasnt even the right pcm for my car (which i bought used from private party) broke down an hour from home.
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    What did you do to your LS today?

    gave up and dropped her off at ford where they say a correct pcm is on way where they will program for i have replaced all coils plugs boots etc just had wrong pcm in it? and not a penny over 200$? i doubt but we will see because coils i can do computer sh!# i cannot..
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    1947 Cadillac

    hows that 60 special and where is she now?
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    what year is your classic

    1946 60Special anybody feeling like an awesome project...runs like kitten trapped in a jaguar
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    Loving my Lincoln..unrequited?

    Also have replaced three spark plugs and one new coil it$ reading 353 355 356 codes. Thinking drivers or pcm? Something easier th@n replacing other three coils that I know needs to be done but not sure I'm ready to attempt on my own.
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    Loving my Lincoln..unrequited?

    I have s÷n this video thank you. Also never thought about the sunroof leak being an issue for it has been clear and dry weather since ive purchased this possible flood victim from Oklahoma. I hope not. Any pointers on how to tell if this is true and can it be saved etc..
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    Loving my Lincoln..unrequited?

    2005 LS V6 , everything was wet, not sure if it was powerwashing of engine or my car was in the floods but feel I shld dry out pcm, see if damaged just wondering why I can't find online where before I start digging.
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    Loving my Lincoln..unrequited?

    2005 LS v6, and the "on" in previous text was suppose to read PCM. I apologize, I will proofread before posting I promise!
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    Loving my Lincoln..unrequited?

    Why won't anybody tell me where the on is located. My Lincoln came from OK. My bad, just wanted to dry the brain a little before I replace ALL coils? Particularly the ones that are inconveniently located. Any tips other than replacement (I know but anything or trick for nick?)
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