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    Power Seat Not Working

    Is there a way for me to test if my seat control module is indeed bad? Or would i need the advanced scanner tool or have to take it to the dealer and have them scan it? I am trying to avoid taking it to the dealer, paying $100 to find out its bad, just to have to put in a new one and have to...
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    2001 Lincoln LS V8 Parting OUT!ALL

    Tentative dibs on the drivers seat control module! I will PM you about it, I have to get mine tested to make sure that it is fried. Thanks!
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    Power Seat Not Working

    Joe, do you know what that could mean? I had read on the interweb that it could mean my computer needs to be flashed or my battery could be getting weak. I did just replace my fuel pump, but its been working great (knock on wood)
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    Easy to change brakes?? rent it ;)
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    Power Seat Not Working

    Thoughts anyone? The car threw a check engine light this weekend with a code P1663 (Manufacturer control, auxiliary inputs, auxiliary outputs). I don't think it's related though, because the seat hasn't worked for months.
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    Everyone needs to vote

    Come on guys, vote for Joe! He is always here to help when we're in a pinch.
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    Time 2 Vote for the June 11 Free 1yr Membership

    Woo Joe! Wealth of info for sure, has helped me a number of times and is always spot-on.
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    Power Seat Not Working

    More research tells me that the module might be the larger black box towards the front underside of the seat with 3 harness plugs going into it. Would this thing blow and let the lumbar and seat heater work, but not the slide or tilt? Sorry for the rapid fire questions, just trying to add more...
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    Parts Anyone?

    Are you parting the car? Bc I might need a driver seat module, so tentative dibs on that lol
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    Power Seat Not Working

    Ok, I yanked the part and found a part number on it. Some searching tells me it's a "front seat module". Some of the descriptions specify that its a heated seat module. Could this be my issue? If it only controls the seat heater then that's not the problem, because my seat heater works...
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    Power Seat Not Working

    Ok I got some offset box end wrenches and got the seat out. There are no blatant melted wires hanging open, but most of the damn things are in those plastic covers! I used my multimeter to test for power going to the seat. I tested the thick red wire and a brown wire (bc I ASSumed these...
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    Lincoln LS Gas Mileage

    LMFAO! I'm loving it cammer! I'm starting the paperwork for my permit tonight :) And to be on topic, my 01 V8 with 135k on it averages 20.5
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    noooo moooorrrree chrooooome!!!

    Wait wait wait, you guys rattled canned it?! I don't know if I want to even try painting it myself, rattle can or not, bc I don't have a steady hand lol
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    noooo moooorrrree chrooooome!!!

    How did you get the right paint to match your car then? Have a paint shop color match it? Did you paint it or have a shop do it? I *think* the paint code is in the door jam sticker of the drivers door. I am going to ask my friends dad, who owns a paint shop, for a quote if I prep it and just...
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    noooo moooorrrree chrooooome!!!

    Dnyce, my car is your cars twin, but its stock lol. 2001 v8. So I might be asking your for a paint code in the near future lol. After seeing your chrome turned body color i'm in love lol