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  1. A work in progress

    A work in progress

    Me and my son's project he loved the car so much and it was sitting in the garage needing a motor so we are working on it together It's been an awesome bonding time for us we both are huge lincoln fans and the ls is one of our favorite's.
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    Heart transplant

    The first 2 pics are the new 3.9 going into the 2005 la sport the next pic is the 05 ready for transplant Next pic is my son's 2002 is after the accident Next is my son chase working on getting the old power plant out Last we have the 2005 la in norsea metallic blue. We decided on the 5 bar rims...
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    Heart transplant

    Hello everyone I'm new to the forum but have been a fan of the lincoln ls for Yeats I had a norsea metalic blue o5 sport v8 my son loved the car so much he decided he wanted a la for his first car so we started looking after a decent search and a few Lincoln's later he found one he liked a 2002...